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Latest cyber hacking shows the importance of an effective cyber security strategy

 Latest cyber hacking shows the importance of an effective cyber security strategy

An increasing number of companies are falling victim to cyber hacking.

The latest high-profile hackings of Yahoo and Coachella have proven that no matter the size of the business, no one is fully safe from the attention of hackers and cyber criminals. 

So, how can you establish an effective cyber security strategy?

The importance of cyber security

Before you can establish an effective and secure cyber security strategy, it’s important to understand its importance.

Cyber security is important for keeping your business and customer data safe and secure.

This security is essential for your business.

Not only will it protect your assets but it will also provide your customers the essential piece of mind they need to use your company. 

It only takes one glance into recent hacking stories to really hit home how much and ineffective cyber security strategy can impact your business.

The hacking at Coachella saw nearly a million user accounts up for sale on the dark web. Although these accounts do not have any payment information attached to them, they will be sold for personalised phishing attacks. These could include fake emails about ticket refunds, changes to the festival or deals that the customer may assume to be real.

Poor cyber security can also cause a big loss in money, as Yahoo’s hacking has proven. Last year, the company saw a billion user accounts hacked. The hackings have so far cost the company £13m, as well as affecting their potential takeover of Verizon.

How to improve your security strategy

To establish an effective security strategy, our experts provide the following tips:  

  • Internet access – your internet access should be processed through a centralised corporate proxy server, such as Kerio Control. This proxy server works to filter out viruses, malware and inappropriate websites from your traffic.
  • Emails – all of your corporate emails should be scanned for viruses and malware before reaching your internal network. Our experts recommend Roaring Penguin for this. 
  • Remote access – make sure your remote access is secure and protected with Two-Factor Authentication. Our experts use RSA tokens that generate a unique key every minute to gain access to the network remotely.
  • Website protection – for website protection, our experts recommend SNORT, which is a database of known exploits and vulnerabilities in web packages and works in a similar way to an anti-virus package.


No matter what business, big or small, cyber security is vital. 

With our own UK-based data centre infrastructure and off-network back-ups, we are on hand to help with your cyber security needs.  Ready to establish your cyber security strategy? Get in touch today.

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