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Introducing CT Protect

Central Tecnology is pleased to introduce CT Protect, our new cloud-based web filtering service.

The platform is built using WebTitan and is hosted on several servers in our datacentre infrastructure. 

CT always recommends using a web filtering solution in organisations where users and guests have access to the internet, to protect your business from security risks and legal implications.

Most quality certifications will require the use of web filtering for the purposes of providing an audit trail of user activity. Cyber security certifications usually require it to prevent users from downloading threats into the network.

Even with a firewall protecting the external entry point to a network, it is easy for users to bring viruses and malware into a corporate network through their internet browser.

Ensuring all internet usage is filtered will help your business to maintain an up-to-date definition of known websites which allow certain categories, and high risk websites to be blocked as a company policy, for example file sharing websites and services.

Email phising attacks typically require users to click on a link, which would be then processed by web filtering subject to the protection it provides.

An onsite appliance can be integrated with your active directory to provide user-based access controls based on predefined groups, for example some users may need access only to certain websites.

Blocking certain website categories such as social media could improve productivity, while blocking streaming media could reduce bandwidth usage.

An audit trail of user activity may be required as part of a staff performance review.

Blocking access to websites known to contain illegal or offen-sive material reduces the risk of the company becoming in-volved in an investigation relating to an employee’s activity (where the police have the right to seize hardware).

CT is a WebTitan partner. We use WebTitan internally as it provides excellent protection that is transparent to the end user.

We have deployed multiple WebTitan servers in our datacentre infrastructure, which allows us to provide CT protect as a cloud service to our clients.

Our cloud service operates using DNS, which forwards all queries to the IPs of our servers, which then resolve addresses based on the rules configured for each customer (and user).

Each customer has an account on the platform where the source IP addresses to identify them and access rules are configured.

To ensure the web filtering can’t be bypassed your firewall, it can be configured to allow only outbound DNS queries to CT Protect server IP addresses. All other IP addresses would be blocked. 

To find out more about CT Protect and how it can help keep internet access within your organisation safe and secure, get in touch today. 

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