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Seven reasons to switch to Veeam

Cloud backup is an offsite copy of your critical business data, meaning if you lose everything onsite, you have a full copy of your data in a secure hosted location.

Using Veeam Cloud Connect allows you to do so much more than backup. By replicating your virtual IT infrastructure to the cloud you also have a complete, restorable, image level backup of all your IT server and/or desktop environment.

With Veeam cloud backup, there is no need to own a second site, you can securely and reliably store a backup of your virtual servers in the cloud with CT’s secure infrastructure.

Every day, more and more legacy backup customers switch to Veeam.

Why? Because technologies designed for the client-server era cannot deliver the 24/7 365 day availability that today’s businesses demand, with the ability to restore any IT service running in the hybrid cloud within seconds and minutes.

Here are seven reasons why you should switch from your legacy backup solution provider to Veeam today: !

1) Availability

Veeam is a solution that was specifically designed for the modern, highly-virtualised hybrid cloud world.

It allows you to meet aggressive SLAs for IT service recovery that can be measured in seconds and minutes versus the hours and days often required by legacy technologies. 

According to independent research, Veeam customers meet their recovery time and point objective SLAs 91% of the time compared to only 69% with their previous legacy provider. Veeam was built to manage the amount of data found in the data center of today — not the ones of yesteryear.

2) Innovation 

Veeam is an innovation leader with a proven history of being the first to deliver market-defining capabilities, support of the latest platforms and the most comprehensive and forward-looking cloud vision in the industry. 

Legacy solutions were designed to protect the workloads of decades ago but still lack some of the key capabilities that Veeam invented, such as Instant VM Recovery® without limitations, SureBackup® and SureReplica, Virtual Labs, 2-in-1: backup and replication™ and many others. 

3) Growth 

Veeam is one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies today. It is a privately held rocket ship on target to reach $1bn in yearly sales by 2018 with freedom to innovate.

Recognised by IDC and Ovum as a top choice among data protection and availability solutions, Veeam’s forward momentum is in stark contrast with the lagging innovation and in many cases, the declining market share of legacy backup providers.

As these providers impose mass layoffs and struggle to stay relevant in the modern data center, one can only speculate what additional steps will have to be taken to right the ship.

Veeam’s growth shows no signs of slowing down — adding more than 4,000 new customers every month and new powerful capabilities with every release.

4) Simplicity

Veeam’s straightforward approach to licensing combined with a near-effortless scalable architecture and deployment gets you up and running in minutes.

With no agents to protect virtual workloads or applications, two out of three Veeam customers spend 35% less time managing their Availability infrastructure which frees them up for more productive tasks.

Compared to legacy solutions that impose antiquated capacity licensing requirements, myriad agents and separately licensed products, the choice is clear.

5) Capabilities 

With industry-leading features such as instant, agentless recovery for tier-1 Microsoft applications, built-in WAN acceleration, secure end-to-end encryption, an innovative Scale-out Backup Repository™, deep integration with leading primary and deduplication storage arrays and advanced replication capabilities that enable near-continuous data availability, Veeam’s capabilities are unrivaled by legacy backup solutions.

6) Reliability

“It just works” – that is the feedback from Veeam customers. Veeam customers report substantially less downtime and fewer backup and replication failures than with legacy backup solutions. In fact, it’s the number one reason enterprises select Veeam.

Patented automated backup and replica testing and recovery verification for 100% of your workloads, combined with Veeam’s industry-leading customer support will help you sleep better at night. 

Legacy backup solutions, on the other hand, have no infrastructure monitoring and no automated backup testing and recovery verification — leaving you vulnerable to potential data corruption and restore failures.

7) Customer satisfaction 

Veeam’s customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with our product features and functionality, ease of use, technical support and sales effectiveness.

With a net promoter score two times higher than the industry average, nine out of 10 Veeam customers WOULD recommend Veeam to their peers.

Former legacy backup users tell us they switched to Veeam for the stable, hybrid cloud-focused, high performance that their previous solution couldn’t deliver.

7) Free trial

NEW Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office, NEW Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows and NEW Veeam Agent for Linux are built to protect your physical and public cloud workloads.

As a Veeam-certified Gold Pro Partner and Cloud Provider, CT can offer you a free 30 day trial of Veeam Cloud Connect and start backing up your virtual IT infrastructure using HyperV or VMware.

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