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CT Influence Key Cyber Security Protection Feature

CT Influence Key Cyber Security Protection Feature

CT Influence Key Cyber Security Protection Feature in Veeam's New Backup and Replication Release

CT’s long standing relationship with Veeam has allowed CT’s Technical Director Chris Barr to influence the inclusion of a crucial protection feature in the development in the upcoming release of Veeam Backup and Replication. The recommendation to include a ‘recycle bin for the Cloud Connect Backup repository’ will provide a true air gap between the customers onsite environment and the data stored with the service provider.

This feature provides an additional level of protection against cyber security threats for organisations using a Veeam Cloud Connect service provider.

The new recycle bin functionality will enforce a retention period that cannot be changed by the customer. Should a security breach occur that affects the remote backup data, the service provider will be able to recover the backup data within the retention period. The billed storage quota would not include the space used by the recycle bin, as in normal operation this would not be used anyway.

Chris Barr said, ‘Remote backup services are an attractive alternative to traditional backup methods as they provide a simple and automated system. However, the remote backup data is continuously attached to the onsite environment and when using traditional methods a copy would usually be offline. Remote backup presents a risk, as should the onsite environment become compromised, (for example a remote intruder or malicious employee) this level of access would typically allow access to destroy both the production data and online remote backups.

CT is pleased to see this feature has been added, we requested it to be added following the introduction of the Cloud Connect functionality. From a service provider perspective it is great to work with Veeam where we can help influence the development of a product that provides the highest level of protection and availability for our customers.'

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