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New pricing for EFM & EoFTTC connectivity

New pricing for EFM & EoFTTC connectivity

CT is pleased to announce new pricing for EFM and EoFTTC connectivity on all new orders placed as of May 2016. The reduced rental and activation costs for these services means you can save up to £1000. This promotion will last until 30th September 2016.

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is an affordable way to boost your business connectivity. It is a high capacity connection (with speeds up to 20MBs with built in resilience) without committing to the cost of full fibre Ethernet. EFM has two key benefits over broadband. EFM is uncontended (so you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone) and is symmetrical, delivering the identical upload and download speeds today’s businesses need to support SIP, hosted solutions and large files.

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) delivers faster speeds than traditional broadband products and low-end fibre Ethernet. It also avoids the high excess construction charges that might come from installing traditional fibre Ethernet. It is the perfect option for business who have outgrown ADSL connectivity for bandwith. Utilising Openreach’s new ‘superfast’ broadband rollout, EoFTTC provides high quality Ethernet connectivity of up to 80Mb.

CT’s Ethernet products directly connect into the CT carrier-grade access network across multiple points of presence in the UK.

New pricing for Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

  • £95 fee on both our 1 year and 3 year term EFM services – saving up to £1000
  • This applies to all new orders on 2 Pair, 4 Pair and 3Mb options on 3 year terms

New pricing for EoFTTC

  • £95 connection fee on 3 year term 3Mb and 20Mb services - saving £300
  • £350 connection fee on 1 year term 3Mb and 20Mb services - saving £245
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