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What will the end of Microsoft’s Windows Vista support mean for your business?

What will the end of Microsoft’s Windows Vista support mean for your business?

What will the end of Microsoft’s Windows Vista support mean for your business?

Windows Vista was launched in 2007 following the much-loved Windows XP.

After 10 years, Microsoft has decided to stop supporting windows Vista, from today (11 April).  Microsoft will release the last security patches for the system, then fully shut down its support.

Since 2012, Windows Vista has been protected under Microsoft’s extended support. When systems are in extended support, Microsoft does not add any new features, but continues to protect it from possible security threats.

After Windows Vista, Microsoft plans to gradually end support for its systems older than Windows 10.

But what does the end of Windows Vista mean for your business?


What will be the impact on your business?

Although you can continue use Windows Vista after Microsoft ends its support, CT does not recommend this.

When the support ends, Microsoft will stop providing security fixes and updates that protect your computer. Without these updates, your computer will become more susceptible to attacks, viruses and malicious software that can steal valuable client information.

Software and hardware manufacturers are also optimising their programmes for later operating systems. So, Windows Vista will also become more difficult to use with some apps not available at all for your business.

From today, popular browsers Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome and Firefox will no longer support for Windows Vista.

This means that using these apps might expose your computer to additional threats.

Overall, if you continue to use Windows Vista, your business is more likely to suffer from a cyber-attack. The longer you use the system, the more likely these attacks will become.

For your business’ security, it is recommended that you update your operating system to a more current and supported version, such as Windows 10. Using unsupported systems can harm your business, yet eight per cent of desktop users worldwide still use the unsupported system Windows XP.

Security is essential for your business. Whatever system you use, it needs to be supported, secure and protected.

This will ensure that your business does not suffer any damaging security breaches, viruses or lose valuable information.

At CT, we can help ensure your system is protected and ready for the future.



When Microsoft ends its support of Windows Vista, the system will be more susceptible to security threats.

Windows Vista is a great reminder of ensuring that no matter which system your business uses, it needs to be supported, safe and secure.

Microsoft will prevent us from raising Vista related issues.

And, in the near future, Microsoft will stop providing definition updates for users running Microsoft Security Essentials on Vista.


Get in touch today to find out how CT can help your enterprise protect your software and futureproof your network.

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