Focus on Natalie Maltby, Service Desk Team Leader – CT’s Women in Technology

As part of our Women in Technology series we have chosen Natalie Matlby, CT’s service desk team leader, for our first focus piece.

Name: Natalie Maltby

Job Title: Service Desk Team Leader

Years in the Industry: 8


What drew you to a career in technology? 

I really enjoyed IT in school, it was my best subject.  My IT teacher was great and encouraged me to pursue my goals.  I was also tasked to help my fellow students out and this enforced my love of solving problems and helping others.

What does your role entail here at CT? 

At CT I lead a team of 11 Technical Support Specialists on the Service Desk.   My role includes delegating and managing workloads, top level escalation for tickets, training new and existing staff and working with other departments within CT to ensure the Service Desk runs as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

What do you feel the technology industry needs in order to attract more women? 

I think awareness needs to be raised around women in technology to show that it’s not just for geeks and gamers.  I’m not what you would consider to be the stereotypical IT “nerd” – I do not play computer games or like anything comic book related etc, but I still love my job and I think if more women realised that IT can be for anyone, they would be encouraged to consider it.

Are there other women in the tech industry who inspire you? 

Maddie Brindley, Technical Support Specialist at CT – Full time mum, geek and all-round superwoman! Mads is Technical Support Specialist here at CT.