Strategic IT drives business growth for The Snowdrop Project

Blog post

The Snowdrop Project is a Sheffield based charity, which provides long-term support to empower survivors of human trafficking to move on from their past by offering support through counselling, casework advocacy, community activities and other vital services such as support to access legal advice and the re-housing process.

Rachel Medina, Head of Operations at Snowdrops project; "In 2020, we began to offer our services to a wider audience across South Yorkshire, in a bid to meet demand. This included working with new partners such as local authorities and other non-governmental organisations that could help facilitate these services. This inevitably put additional pressure on our internal IT systems and also highlighted some gaps in our IT knowledge, dated platforms and potential security risks.  

We needed a strategic IT partner who could provide a proactive IT Support service, and help us provide the foundations we needed to achieve our business goals of growth and becoming a flagship charity, which would ultimately allow us to continue to support those who need our help."

CT was invited to the tender and following a competitive, rigorous selection process, were chosen due to our supportive and ‘proactive IT Support’ approach. For the past year, CT has worked extremely closely with the Snowdrop staff at all levels to truly understand their operational and technological driving forces to allow us to implement a strategic road map to support their development and service growth.  CT has provided support to bring various third party contracts and network requirements together for the new HQ in the centre of Sheffield which has involved the provision of a new Leased Line, managed Network hardware, Wifi and end user devices. 

CT has implemented Microsoft 365 with Mobile Device Management and important security standards including Multi Factor Authentication. We've also supported the secure data transfer of the Snowdrop Case Management System, Phone system and Web Hosting/Domains.  

Rachel continues; "With the foundations of improved IT systems and security standards provided by CT, we have engaged in a National contract and are working to achieve important ISO standards that are required at this level. We are also safe in the knowledge that all our sensitive data is secure and that we have a roadmap in place for the next five years that will meet our objectives.  Together with CT, we continue to build a long term working relationship that provides the foundations we need to continue helping those who need our support most."

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