Introducing CT Knowledge

Blog post

As a technology provider, we are continually striving to push the limits in how technology can improve our own and our customer’s existing operations. Platforms that facilitate off-site learning have become crucial in the recent pandemic to keep teams functioning effectively whilst also supporting continuous development.

With this in mind, we have been working hard to create CT Knowledge,a micro-learning platform for all our customers

We know that training your team on basic IT skills, utilising your technical platforms most effectively and understanding simple security measures is crucial in growing and protecting your business, saving your team time and importantly developing their IT knowledge. 

CT Knowledge has over 100 three minute training sessions which aim to help your team learn new skills and how to make the most of your most important business platforms including 0365, SharePoint, Windows 10 and Excel.There are also important bite size training videos covering Cybersecurity, Management skills, Customer service and Mental Health.

 So for example, if you wanted to learn how toSchedule a meeting in teams, organise your inbox in Office 365, upload & share files with your colleagues in SharePoint or manage large amounts of data in Microsoft Excel, you can learn quickly in just three minutes without the need to ask a colleague, your in-house IT Manager or calling your service desk!  

 The ultimate aim for us as an IT partner is to help ensure your business is more secure, efficient and productive.

For more information, please visit our webpage here.