Legacy data protection approach puts your data at risk.

Legacy data protection approach puts your data at risk.

Legacy data protection approach puts your data at risk.  It is now time to take advantage of today’s most modern storage systems.

Holding onto legacy data protection approaches puts your data at risk and fails to leverage the capabilities and advantages of today’s modern storage systems.

The types of storage that businesses are using and even the ways that they’re using it is radically different from the past. The amount of data business use will continue to double every two years, with Gartner forecasting data to grow 800% over the next five years, with 80% of it being unstructured data.  This rapid data growth is coming from new technologies like Big Data, IoT and mobile devices which makes working with modern-day storage vastly different from the simple file system and relational database storage that businesses needed to handle in the past.

Traditional storage and data protection technologies like legacy Storage Area Networks (SANs) and backup data protection technologies were not designed to cope with today’s more demanding environments. Downtime is more than just lost revenue, it is loss of customer confidence, damage to an organisation’s brand and reputation, as well as the loss of employee confidence.  All of these can have huge impacts on business operations and the ability to remain competitive.

Thankfully, IT storage technologies are evolving to meet these changing business requirements.  Modern storage systems have new capabilities that are designed to handle the performance and availability needs of today’s enterprises. Integrating these new features like snapshots, virtual storage and cloud integration with the data protection capabilities in Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 empowers you to dramatically improve application availability. It also allows you to significantly reduce VM and data recovery times to minutes.  It will also enable your organisation to improve your availability to meet the Always-On needs of today’s highly virtualised, hybrid-cloud environment.  

Obviously every organisations' data requirements are different and there are a number of new technologies that work to address today’s storage challenges in different ways, but there is always a solution.

To find out more how Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 can work to address your storage challenges speak to your account manager at CT today.

To learn more about why now is the time to protect your data, attend our GDPR Workshop on Tuesday 20th March @ The Crucible, Sheffield.  

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