New Charity Win for Team CT – The Snowdrop Project

We are delighted to announce that CT is now providing IT Support for Sheffield based Charity, The Snowdrop Project.

The Snowdrop Project provides long term support to help survivors of human trafficking move on from their past. Considered one of the leading Modern Slavery charities in the UK, the charity is instrumental in guiding government policy on trafficking. They offer a huge scope of support services including counselling, casework and advocacy, a house renovation program and support pathways to education, training and employment.

Snowdrop were looking for an IT support provider that would take the time to understand their operational needs and provide continued support as the charity grows. CT will work as their strategic IT partner and will also be supporting the network implementation of their new building. Future projects include tenant support, new CRM development, remote working strategy developments and implementation. 

We are excited to get stuck in and help drive this charity forwards and support their inevitable growth.