How a strategic review can help combat IT challenges in the manufacturing sector

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As an IT organisation, we work across many different sectors, each facing their own specific technology challenges. When organisations in the manufacturing sector approach us for support, they face common issues that need addressing. 

Typically, this includes using old legacy technology and outdated security systems, which can hinder productivity and leave organisations exposed to costly data breaches.

This coupled with the national labour shortage has also fuelled the need for manufacturing companies to use technology, to help drive the move to automation, 3D printing and the use of smart machines to improve plant productivity.

Manufacturing businesses can develop a deeper understanding of their IT landscape through a strategic review which can create their own unique technology roadmap which will support efficiency, security and growth. In order to do this, it is important to understand business requirements and goals for the future. 

This allows us to address immediate concerns and ensures business owners can work to an agreed plan over the course of a few years with specific, measurable targets.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how we conduct the strategic review:

  1. We invest time to understand your organisations current IT infrastructure and company vision
  2. We conduct an Infrastructure audit and in-depth analysis of business and technical objectives
  3. Expert evaluation of all information gathered to determine your technology roadmap
  4. Presentation of findings, risk analysis and recommendations
  5. Formulate a detailed plan and proposed schedule of delivery prepared

 So why is a strategic review so important?

 Supports business plans – ensures IT systems will support your current and future business plans

 Uncover hidden risks – Understand any hidden risks within your organisation’s infrastructure

 Budget Planning – Generates a clear strategic plan for IT along with budget planning

 Prioritisation – Prioritises your short, medium and long-term IT requirements

Maximise Investment - Ensure your business gets the most from your IT investment

Here's some examples of how we've helped our current customers through the strategic review process to create a technology roadmap and support them achieving their business objectives.

Kevin Brown, Group Managing Director of Pacifica Group “CT has been a trusted long-term partner for Pacifica Group, by carrying out a strategic review we have built on this and created a clear plan to build an IT system that is designed to meet our demands over the next 5 years. We can be confident that by carrying out this exercise we have pro-actively identified and mitigated potential risks giving us reassurance in terms of data security and system availability.”

Group Managing Director, Pacifica Group

"We enlisted the services of CT to help us ensure technology provided the foundations we need to support our charitable objectives and long-term future goals.  The team have worked closely with our IT Manager, leadership team and board of trustees to develop a technology roadmap that met these long term charitable and business objectives."

Director of People and Performance, Ashgate Hospice

"CT successfully managed and implemented major upgrades of our IT infrastructure across our five UK branches. With meticulous planning by their account manager and engineers, there was minimal disruption and the process of upgrading was smooth and well-handled."

Managing Director, Classic Lifts

If you'd like to discuss how a strategic IT review could benefit your business, contact us today.