Women in Technology - 10 Digital Ladies

Whilst we continue our focus on great female role models here at CT to help encourage more women into IT, it is important to talk about the benefits greater diversity can bring to not only CT, but other tech companies.  

Diversity and equality in the work are crucial for a well-balanced workplace.  Studies have proven that it increases creativity, reduces employee turnover, and importantly boosts a company’s reputation and brand as it makes the company more personable and human! Having employees with varied viewpoints and life experiences helps everyone to broaden horizons. It guards against narrow-mindedness and importantly helps us as a business to be more competitive in the jobs market by attracting talent that might otherwise go elsewhere.

We are looking forward to introducing some guest bloggers in the coming weeks and the first will be one from the co-founder of 10 Digital Ladies, Emma Sinden.  10 Digital Ladies is a great place to go for inspiration and advice on how to encourage diversity and women into tech.  Take a look.