Chesterfield Wireless Broadband

Chesterfield Wireless Broadband

From as little as £39 per month, your business could access superfast broadband with no mess or hassle

The first antenna of its kind to be installed in Chesterfield, is able to service all business’ within close proximity to Beresford Way, Sheepbridge, superfast speeds up to 160x faster than currently available. We guarantee this will speed up your business.

We are able to offer Superfast broadband to all businesses in the Carrwood Road, Broombank Road and Sheepbridge area. Please note if you are on Foxwood Rd we are unable to provide coverage.


How does it work?
Here at CT, we use a state of the art wireless antenna to beam super quick broadband securely using encryption to a small device on the roof of your business. The typical device is not much larger than a smartphone.

We are still in the process of testing the maximum range of the antenna, if your building currently does not fall within our geographical area, please do call us as we may still be able to provide you with this service.


Wireless Broadband pricing & example customer speed test 30th of March 2015

Optional servicesMonthly price
Premium 24/7 support£35
MikroTik managed wired router/firewall£10
Cisco managed wired router/firewall£25
SiP channels for voice calls£5
Remote backup£0.20 per GB

Business benefits

Full phone systems using the wireless broadband with local and national calls less than 1p per minute available

Works in all weather conditions to keep you connected with superfast broadband during rain, snow, fog, or hail!

Fast upload and download speeds ensure greater efficiency, performance and productivity of any business

Switching to CT

Our qualified engineers will install your new services and show you how it all works. No hassle, no mess, just sit back and enjoy

No downtime. We'll switch you over to our broadband without your service being disrupted. We can swap you over to our network on the day of install as we don't use the phone line

Once your CT connection is live its time to cancel your current services. We can send you a pre-written cancellation letter, fill in the blanks and post it (you may need to give 30 days’ notice and pay for your final month – just check your contract)

This is also the time to arrange your phone number transfer if you want to keep a landline, or you may just want to use your inclusive mobile phone minutes and dump your landline

If you want a landline we will help you arrange this once your connection is live

You can usually keep your phone number or change it, it’s up to you

All wireless broadband services include

Unlimited usage

Professional antenna installation

Expert technical support

30 day money back guarantee

24 month term

All prices exclude VAT, E&OE

Customer reviews

"CT is offering an extremely effective solution to local business’ longstanding connectivity issues. The installation is guaranteed to be quick, easy and most importantly effective. We hope that all local business’ take the opportunity to utilise CT’s ISP infrastructure and antennae to gain business peace of mind that they are getting the best possible internet speeds, management of their broadband service and importantly at the best possible price."
Nick Chischniak - East Midlands Chamber of Commerce

"We have been waiting a long time for superfast broadband and CT's solution has provided us with speeds that will see our business become more efficient and more productive."
Steve Taylor - Start Financial, Beresford Way


How long does it take to install?
Between 5 and 10 working days. Once the order is placed we’ll carry out a site survey to ensure the service can be provided (and at what maximum speed) and identify the works required to run a cable into the customer’s premises.

How much will it cost local business/month to sign up to this service?  Will there be a trial period?
There will be a £295 installation fee, then the competitive pricing structure can be chosen based on your business needs.

Is this the only antenna of its kind in this area?
We are the only company in the area that has the infrastructure to offer this service.

Will it be easy to change from my existing supplier to CT?
Yes, we can help you make the switch from any existing supplier quickly and easily. See below for how to sign up.

Will CT be installing further antenna's around Derbyshire?
We have recently added two new masts, which has allowed the broadband service to be available to a further 200 businesses in the local area.

Why don’t I get my own antenna?
You can. However you need to run a fast leased line to your building from an internet breakout point in a datacentre and have the datacentre infrastructure in place to provide connectivity services securely. Utilising CT’s ISP infrastructure and antennae is an affordable alternative and offers business peace of mind that they are getting the best possible internet speeds, management of their broadband service and importantly at the best possible price.


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