Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop

Access your desktop from anywhere, at any time, on any device

Instead of the files and software that make up your employees’ desktop environment being stored and managed locally on expensive hardware, they are hosted in the cloud and accessed remotely.

This means that cloud desktop can be accessed from anywhere, at any time from most devices. It replicates the experience of using a traditional PC or laptop and you can securely use your existing machine to run the service.

It also means that your organisation can manage the environment centrally, instead of worrying about updates and security fixes on each individual machine.

Business benefits

Flexible & scalable

Businesses grow and shift in unpredictable ways. Cloud Desktop is entirely flexible and scalable, helping to minimise waste

Reduced hardware costs

Servers are expensive and need to be maintained regularly. By moving your desktop to the cloud, the need for costly hardware is eliminated


You are in control over your hosted virtual desktops, everything can be provisioned, modified or de-provisioned directly by you

Full desktop experience

Cloud desktop provides every user with the same user experience with the added benefit of being able to access the virtual desktop on any device


New software can be rolled out quickly and you can respond to software updates more effectively through a centralised management platform


Now every employee can be productive from wherever they are, from virtually any device. You can also deploy new software quickly and securely.

Why CT?

Predictable and Simple Pricing - Flat fee per user with no further infrastructure or support costs with pay as you go pricing model removing the requirement for repeated Capex

Business Continuity and Improved Disaster Recovery - All of your data is automatically backed up on Central's ISO 27001 secure infrastructure using Tier 3-4 UK Data Centres

Try before you buy – It's a simple process to set up a Cloud Desktop account. You can even trial with just 1 user before rolling it out across the business

Single access point - CT’s Cloud Desktop provides a single access point for many apps, from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange and sage to industry specific and bespoke apps

Licensing made easy - with all your software in the cloud you don’t need to worry about licensing anything as we will do that for you

Anywhere, anytime, any device – staff have more flexibility and can work seamlessly from home, abroad and whilst travelling. Cloud allows you to access your virtual desktop from almost any device including; windows, Linux, Mac, iPads, iPhones, Android, Blackberry

Key features

Operating system choice

Choose your operating system, any version or type from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Flexible specifications

Processor cores, RAM and storage can all be customised including SSD and SAS storage types

Advanced networking

We can build advanced networking features allowing you to share files between your group of desktops or even connection to other WANs

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