Cloud File Sharing

Cloud File Sharing

At last, a managed & secure file sharing solution

Cloud Drive works with all the apps your team already uses – Word, Excel, Photoshop or any application, on any device; desktop, mobile, web.

CT’s Cloud Drive is the secure file sharing and storage solution that is a fast, easy way to send files, both within your team and with external partners. There are no file type restrictions, no operating system requirements, and no size limits. Even recipients who don't use CT’s Cloud Drive can still download the file instantly, no signups or installations needed.

Business benefits

Share files of any size quickly

Sending a Word document is as easy as sending a hi-definition video — just send a link and you're done - fast and secure

Easy to manage & scale

With your whole team you can share files without even sending them. Simply invite team members to a folder and everyone will always have the most up-to-date versions of the files in that folder

Secure & protected

Cloud Drive makes data access safe, reliable and fast. It can also protect information both inside and outside your organisation

Share files securely, internally & externally

Account transfer and remote wipe ensures your business files stay within the company, while comprehensive audit logs give you clear visibility into team activity. You can also add authentication features like single sign-on (SSO) support and two-step verification to protect accounts further

Less training, more productivity

Cloud Drive is simple and easy to use, meaning less time training and troubleshooting and more time on being productive

Work on any device or system

Cloud Drive can be accessed from any device and you can update files wherever, whenever you need. You can save any kind of file in Cloud Drive and sync them across all devices (PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone or Windows Phone)

Why CT?

CT can assist in the migration, installation and configuration process from start to finish with our Prince2 led project management team

Only pay for the exact amount of storage space used and have the benefit of infinite flexibility

Connect your storage to our connectivity and telecoms offerings to get end-to-end private networks

Secure ISO27001 UK only infrastructure with on-net and off-net backups included

Get expert help from technical team and engineers any time of the day or night, 365 days a year

Fully manageable from our web based control panel

Key features

Multiple sharing methods

Whether using a Windows network drive, SharePoint or in cloud storage, users have a single interface from which they can sync, access and share files on any device

Secure & protected

Control exactly who sees what with permissions, passwords, and expirations on shared files and folders

Edit & work offline

Working offline is easy and your file changes automatically sync once your device regains an internet connection

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