Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers (IaaS)

Revolutionising the way you work from as little as £7 / month / processor core

Cloud servers are the perfect option for businesses that need to optimise IT performance without the huge costs associated with purchasing and managing a fully dedicated infrastructure. Not only do you replace a major capital expenditure with an operational expenditure but your data becomes more secure and resilient and even more accessible to your staff, wherever they are.

CT offers customers the chance to ‘rent’ virtual servers and storage whilst creating networks to tie them all in together.  Our cloud server product provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and maintains all hardware and services through a multitude of servers distributed across numerous data centres to help our customers build their own IT infrastructure.

Business benefits


No delays in expanding capacity or wastage of unused capacity

No investment in hardware

Physical hardware supporting an IaaS service is set up and maintained by CT

Utility style costing

Can be accessed on demand and resellers only pay for resources they actually use

Location independence

Access can be made from any location with an internet connection and if security allows it 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world


Physical and network security at all data-centre locations. Fully ISO 27001 certified by BSI

No single point of failure

Failed servers or networks are unaffected due to hardware resources. Offline data centres would not affect our IaaS service

Why CT?

CT can assist in the migration, installation and configuration process from start to finish with our Prince2 led project management team

Network firewalls can be full controlled by you the end user

Only pay for the exact amount of server resource you use and have the benefit of infinite flexibility

Connect your cloud servers to our connectivity and telecoms offerings to get end-to-end private networks

Get expert help from technical team and engineers any time of the day or night, 365 days a year

Fully manageable from our vCloud portal

Key features

SAS & SSD storage options

High performance SSD storage and unlimited 1GBit/s connections to cloud servers across our blade host and SAN infrastructure

Affordable power

Hosting large and powerful servers such as SQL and Remote Desktop farms are possible with our excellent rates

Unlimited super fast bandwidth

Rapid access to your Cloud Servers via our 10Gbps data centre connections

Manage cloud servers on-the-go

Manage your cloud servers on-the-go via your Andriod Smartphone, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Apple iPod touch

Ultimate control over your servers

Web-based console access. Access your server if there is a boot or network problem

Trusted data centre

Our infrastructure is across 7 datacentres in the UK. All of our operations adhere to ISO 27001 and we use award winning VMware and Cisco solutions to maintain a best of breed reliable platform for cloud servers

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