House your hardware in a secure environment

Modern businesses are evolving and expanding rapidly. As this happens, businesses quickly realise they are in need of additional IT infrastructure which is why they look at colocation as a solution.

Colocation offers businesses the opportunity to host their data off site, in a specially built data centre. It is the ultimate solution if you want the flexibility and control of owning a server but don’t have the in-house resource or space to house and securely store it yourself.

Not only is it a great method of reducing costs whilst decreasing risk and increasing efficiency through scalability of products and services on offer, moving to a data centre means that you can be confident in centralising your IT and Telecoms infrastructure for even your most critical applications.

Business benefits

Maximise business potential

Reduce operational expenditure and focus your IT team on your core business

Connected quickly and securely

Faster networking and resilient connectivity

Access to technical expertise

Have access to 24/7/365 expert support


Utilise the latest security measures for protecting data virtually

Disaster recovery & continuity

Colocation facilities will provide that security and ensure that your hardware isn’t affected in the event of an issue occurring at your business’ physical premises

Cooling & power redundancy

Colocation facilities are designed to maintain the correct environment and provide more robust power-per-square foot ratios than private datacentres

Why CT?

Connectivity – We offer a wide range of connectivity and communications options, allowing you to connect to your carrier of choice as simply, robustly and cost effectively as possible

Back-up - 100% Power Uptime guaranteed and Backup – even if there is a power failure off the grid

Security - Maximum Protection - ISO 27001 accredited data centres (Information Security Management). We ensure our infrastructure and your hardware are physically secured from the threat of threat or malicious damage. 24/7/365 on site security

Fire Protection – Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) is installed in every facility. These two stage smoke detectors are monitored and in the unlikely event of a fire, the fire suppression systems extinguish fires without damaging your IT equipment

Customisation - Infrastructures can be highly customised to your network, storage and hardware specs

Accessibility – You and your authorised personnel can access your hardware whenever you like

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