Data Centre Infrastructure

Data Centre Infrastructure

Save money & have greater resilience in a UK based data centre

As a cloud hosting provider CT’s network utilises four major data centre locations across the UK, complimented by a NOC and DR site at our Head Office. We have a local data centre presence in Leeds with private connections to Telehouse North in London Docklands, Synergy House and Kilburn House in Manchester Science Park. Our network is BGP routed to multiple IP transit providers for full redundancy using our own AS 57653.

With our presence in these major data centre locations, it enables us to interconnect with the key carriers in the UK, applying a carrier agnostic approach allowing us to source the best value connectivity for our customers. Our carrier interconnects reside in two geographically dispersed locations to provide the highest level of resiliency.

Our network is built using Cisco and Ericsson equipment and designed to have no single point of failure. The core network in Leeds is supplied by two independent power feeds from two separate sub stations. Communications are provided by two autonomous fibre connections, routed by resilient and diverse physical paths into the data centre.

Business benefits

Always on

On-demand computing, storage and applications integrated into your business

Cost effective

Replaces the need to buy, manage and maintain physical IT infrastructure


Simple to provision, scalable, compliant and cost effective


All services and data can be accessed from mobile devices for flexible working locations


Fast & resilient connectivity, multiple host & SAN infrastructure – both guarantee uptime


Data is protected by a 24/7/365 manned site with no access being granted without prior authorised contact. The building has perimeter fencing and fire protection

Why CT?

Reassurance that your data is stored in the UK and is ISO 27001 approved

Efficiency - 24/7 management of the data centre

Custom built data centre infrastructure without cost of premises, equipment, security or support systems

Six geographical locations around the UK with 'off network back up' available

Layer 2 connections into all UK major Tier 1 carriers for voice for and data

Resilient network across all locations and between several data centre providers - never relying on one location or one provider

Key features

Communications are provided by two autonomous fibre connections, routed by resilient and diverse physical paths into the data centre

Take advantage of a purpose built environment for your servers and data without the huge capital outlay

No middlemen, our data centre infrastructure is owned and managed by CT, making us highly responsive and cost effective

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