EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

Boost your business connectivity whilst keeping costs down

EFM bridges a gap between Broadband (ADSL or Fibre) and Leased Lines (dedicated fibre connection to the premises), offering an excellent combination of speed and resilience for the cost.

EFM has two key benefits over broadband. EFM is uncontended (so you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone) and is symmetrical, delivering the identical upload and download speeds today’s businesses need to support VoIP, hosted solutions and large files.

Ideal for businesses that have a high level of internet usage and for whom an internet connection is vital but don’t want the cost and commitment of Full Fibre Ethernet.

Our EFM delivers connectivity over copper pairs with a choice of either 2 copper pairs (up to 10Mb) or 4 copper pairs (up to 20Mb).

Once the circuit is installed, the bandwidth is synchronized at a stable line rate ensuring you get the same upload and download speeds.

Business benefits


EFM can be connected quickly, with much shorter lead times than Leased Line alternatives, yet still producing fast consistent speeds of up to 20Mbps


Each copper pair operates independently so if one fails the remaining pair will continue to perform


EFM delivers faster speeds than broadband, SDSL, leased line and low-end fibre Ethernet and avoids many of the high excess construction charges that might come from installing traditional fibre


Growing businesses need greater resilience to support high quality voice data (SIP), data, video and CRM systems


Should business requirements change, Ethernet can be scaled to deliver a range of services to meet exact requirements

Business continuity

Flexible infrastructures, diverse access options and expert technical support maintain uptime

Why CT?

Expert engineers – highly qualified and industry certified providing comprehensive reliable customer support

Coverage – relationships with BT Open Reach, BT Wholesale, Virgin Media Business, Talk Talk and BT Vodafone means we can provide Ethernet access across the UK

Quick installation – installed and working in as little as 22 days

Management – we manage and monitor our own network core to guarantee your services are available as and when you need them

Service Level Agreements – guaranteed performance protected by rigorous SLA’s including a six hour Guaranteed Fix SLA.

Security – improve and manage your security and protect against intrusion with CT’s comprehensive range of firewall packages

Key features

Speeds of up to 20Mbps both ways

Dedicated bandwidth just for your business

Maintain connection with built in resilience

24/7 business support

6 hour fix time

Supports virtual private networks & voice over IP

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