The next generation of business grade connectivity

EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet) is the next generation on from Fibre Broadband, offering superfast broadband with non-contended lines with guaranteed fix SLA’s. Ideal for businesses where 24/7 access to the internet is critical, at a constant bandwidth but at a competitive price.

Utilising Open reach’s new ‘superfast’ broadband rollout, EoFTTC provides high quality Ethernet connectivity of up to 80Mb. CT’s new Ethernet over FTTC product is directly connected into the CT carrier-grade access network across multiple points of presence in England.

As the product guarantees line contention this ensures that the line speed quoted is what you will get every day, even at peak times and regardless of how many people are using the internet. CT is currently one of only a handful of carriers in the UK with EoFTTC capability on their own network.

Business benefits

Quick installation

Ideal for organisations requiring an immediate solution


For businesses searching for a reliable high speed internet connection and require rapid transfer of large data figures

Value for money

Considerable cost savings, up to 40% cheaper than Ethernet leased lines, and, ideal for busineses who have outgrown ADSL connectivity for bandwidth

Real time

Ideal for SIP, video conferencing and real time business applications


Ideal for companies that need consistent uninterrupted internet access


For businesses that require a solution for voice, data and internet traffic

Why work with us?

Superfast upload and download speeds - Up to 80Mb Download and 20Mb Upload speeds

Service Level Agreements (SLA) – 7 hour fix with 24/7 support

Bandwidth guaranteed even during peak times

You do not share your line with anyone else, so you will not be subjected to external data traffic peaks

You can transfer unlimited data 24/7 at constant line speed

Fast provisioning from only 15 days

Key features

Uncontended bandwidth

Guaranteed symmetrical speeds up to 20Mbps available

Dedicated bandwidth

Just for your business

Quick fix

6 hour fix time


24/7/365 expert business support

Fast reliable connection

Typically within two weeks

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