Fibre Broadband

The next generation of broadband connections

Future proofing a business’ digital capacity is one of the main reasons for deploying the highest possible broadband connection speed. A copper based connection cannot offer that future proofing. As cloud computing becomes more common ground, high speed symmetrical connections become essential.

Fibre Broadband (also known as Fibre To The Cabinet or FTTC) is the next generation of broadband connections. It uses Fibre optic cables to provide a higher speed and reliability. With CT’s Fibre Broadband you can achieve speeds of up to 80Mb.

Combined with our prioritised traffic and enhanced care you can ensure that you are getting the best possible speed and resiliency from your Fibre Broadband. Unlike many Broadband providers we have extensive control over the connections we provide and do not simply resell another provider’s service.

Business benefits

Fast symmetrical speeds

File download and upload in seconds for quicker back-up or sharing with others, perfect for large media heavy files

Best value

Lower call costs by taking advantage of VoIP delivered over Fibre

Enhanced services

Improved business services such as video conferencing or use of hosted applications

Real time connection

Offices at the same site can be connected at the same speed as remote ones, eliminating bottlenecks

Improves Cloud computing

The faster connections mean you can seamlessly upload and download files to and from the cloud

Additional bandwidth

Improves the performance of Virtual Private Networks, making uploading and downloading of files more efficient, making working from home easier and more secures

Why CT?

We manage our own network and everything is backed up in our own resilient data centre infrastructure. This ensures our customers get the very best quality broadband experience

We can provide fast provisioning. We will get your new service up and running within 10 days

Along with dedicated bandwidth, our network has spare capacity too, so its fully scalable and future proof

UK Support, providing peace of mind that you can always access our UK based staff who can handle your queries directly

Flexible contract options – choice of 6, 12 and 24 month contract options to suit your needs. Take the 24 month contract to enjoy lowest monthly price

Up to 80Mb Download and 20Mb Upload speeds

Key features

Fibre in the ground or carried overhead is more robust than copper and less likely to be cut

Fibre optics are not affected by electromagnetic interference

Longevity – fibre has a longer life expectancy than copper, it doesn’t corrode

No weather dependency – weather can be problematic with copper cables

Fibre removes distance issues faced with copper - the further you are away from the exchange with copper, the slower your speeds will be and less stable

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