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It’s not just big corporations that need high quality telephone services. More and more people are working in small offices or at home. Here at CT we can offer your business the choice of ISDN2 (for offices with 2-8 users) and ISDN30 for larger businesses.

With ISDN2 you will achieve crystal clear voice-call quality, have fast data transmission and all the possibilities of a digital telephone system. You will have two lines/channels to use separately or simultaneously so you can do two things at once.

With ISDN30, you will achieve crystal clear voice call quality, combine your lines for higher bandwidth, individual DDI numbers for staff and create a WAN to link multiple offices.  There is also a choice of options to cover your lines should they ever be disrupted.

Business benefits

Fast data transfer

Using Fast File Transfer you can send files directly over the ISDN network to another computer with ISDN access and compatible file-transfer software

Low risk

Resilience options to keep your customers' connected

Perform multiple tasks

Voice, data, text and applications such as video-telephony all in one circuit, improving efficiency

Grows with your business

With ISDN2/ISDN30 you can use your lines separately or simultaneously, so you can do multiple tasks at once

Greater management

Flexible number configurations helping manage end customers’ calls efficiently


Dialogue services allow you to have a higher level of service

Why work with us?

Fast, efficient & competitive installation

We will never be beaten on our price or service

We guarentee crystal clear voice call quality

Access to a full range of calling & network features

Secure, dedicated, high-bandwidth connectivity

High level of customer service support with robust SLA’s

Key features

ISDN 64k & 128k connections available

ISDN2, ISDN30 & fully managed ISDN services to choose from

Simultaneous transmission of voice & data

Advanced call handling features

Lan to Lan & Lan to host connectivity

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