Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Help your business take that step into the mobile workforce with EE’s 4G network

Working on the go is fast becoming something that makes effective business use of traditional downtime.

CT can offer the fastest internet speeds possible with EE’s 4G network. With speeds up to 150 megabits per second, you can send big emails, download and stream large media files, video conference and track orders wherever you are and whenever you want.

There is also no need to find a WiFi hotspot to send an important business document when you are out and about, just turn on your pocket sized 4GEE WiFi and create your own travelling bubble of internet. Easy to log on and complete everyday tasks at short notice, from wherever you are. Ready to use straight from the box – you don’t need to worry about installing any software to get started – just switch it on and you’re good to go.

Business benefits

Work from anywhere

Graphics, video clips and presentations are all now accessible via a smartphone or tablet

Get more done on the move

You can work more remotely due to fast 4G connectivity and cut back on unnecessary trips to the office. Try holding video calls in HD with clients or teams

Instant connectivity

Getting to market fast is crucial for any business. With 4G you can set up instantly, rather than waiting for a fixed line to be installed

Back up devices on the go

Back up your documents, images and settings wherever you are with iCloud

Good work life balance

Working remotely can help employees avoid traffic or busy commutes. Instant access to the network means time can be spent more efficiently


The 4GEE network has received more UK, nation and metro RootMetrics ® reliability wins or ties than any other UK network

Why should I get mobile broadband?

Delivers speeds up to eight times faster than 3G and a 30ft hot spot around you

Fast download speed – up to 150 megabits per second

Connect five Wi-Fi devices at once

Doesn’t require any USB ports, cables, extra drivers, software or system requirement issues

Up to 100 hours battery power on standby

The wireless mobile WiFi device is a Huawei mobile router

Key features

Coverage to 510 towns and cities, currently covering over 80% of the UK population

With speeds up to 60Mb/second – faster than most people’s average fibre broadband

Quick and simple data add-ons that mean no unexpected data bills, even abroad

Double speed 4GEE comes as standard on selected plans. Helping you to get even more done on the move

Download speeds of up to 30Mb/s (up to 8 times faster than 3G)

Optional inclusive EU roaming and free 080 calls

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