High speed, uninterrupted & cost effective connectivity

CT can provide your business with a fast, secure and direct Virtual Network between multiple offices using existing technologies such as broadband without going through the internet.

A private network is completely flexible, so as your business needs change it is ready to support you with the applications and services you need. It’s the ideal backbone to power your unified communications (UC) strategy and help bring together everyone in your organisation, wherever they are and whatever device they are using.

We offer both IP-VPN and MPLS as techniques to delivering the best possible connectivity.

Business benefits

Increased communication speeds

A private network, so data doesn't need encrypting

Improved security

Allow sites to only access their internal network and not the internet or any other external networks

Improved choice

Any to Any network environment, means you can use a mix of different connections speeds and types across your IP-VPN

Improved support

Home and remote workers can log on to your IPVN private network

Grow your network effortlessly

Scale it to your needs with no service disruption

Improved management

A single internet breakout point

Why work with us?

All the complexities of designing, maintaining & managing the network are CT’s responsibility

Our IP-VPN technology can be used with Broadband, Fibre Broadband, EFM, Leased Line & any other type of data connection which CT can provide

Your network can be designed to remain private with a single internet breakout point, which improves site to site network traffic speed by around 25%

Resilient & secure with leading service levels, providing peace of mind & security

Data is secure as the technology that sits behind our IP-VPN is a 27001 security certified service

CT has invested in its own data communication infrastructure, making it possible to link sites together using our connectivity, without using a VPN

Key features

Select your connectivity at each site with ADSL, FTTC, EFM, EoFTTC, EAD & Leased Line private circuit options. Bring all your sites together

Customised IP addressing requirements available with optional centralised internet breakout & hosted firewall

End to end private circuits with ISO 27001 compliance

Fully managed service with monitoring, bandwidth reporting & Service Level Agreement targets

Use your existing on-premise routing & switching equipment or choose our managed Cisco router service

Increase site-to-site connection speeds by 25% - our private circuits are secure without site-to-site VPNs taking up your IP packet overhead

‘Many organisations want an ultra-secure network to connect people in different locations quickly, seamlessly and cost effectively. With our ability to create the right infrastructure and our direct link with all major service providers, we can provide a cost effective service for each location without being restricted to a single carrier or access service.’’ Chris Barr, Technical Director



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