Roaring Penguin Email Security

Roaring Penguin Email Security

Fast, accurate detection with over 98%+ accuracy with low false positives

The best-in-class North American email security software, Roaring Penguin, provides services that offer a critical defense to protect against advanced threats and data loss.

This cloud-based service means always-on, always up-to-date protection against all inbound malware, spam, phishing and targeted threat-attacks, ensuring uninterrupted business productivity.

CT can consult on all products and solutions that deal with the complex and ever changing threats and challenges related to email security, and ensure the right solution is found for your business and your customers.

Business benefits

Provides protection

The potential for destruction and release of information, or the disruption of a network severely impacts productivity and can lead to financial loss

Email archiving

Archive business email and data safely in the cloud. Centrally managed policies keep mailboxes small and offload long-term email storage to the cloud. And archives are instantly accessible to employees on any device, anywhere

Email continuity

Downtime is unacceptable to end users as demand for connectivity increases to an all-time high. Roaring Penguin's email continuity service will reduce recovery time, expense and complex infrastructure requirements

Data leak prevention

Controlling the flow of sensitive information is a vital protection for intellectual property and compliance. Mitigating this vulnerability requires specialist gateway controls, which are not normally part of a standard email security service

Highly scalable and resilient

Combining automated tools for administrators to manage mailboxes, e-discovery and litigation support, and powerful applications for employees to access data quickly. The end result is fewer IT resources, lower costs and improved retention management

Compensate for weak or missing customer security controls

Ensure your business is always protected

Why CT?

We promise to provide you with best products and support at the best possible price. There are of course optional extra’s for ultimate email security, but there are no additional hidden costs

Our web based system allows you to set filter policies and review spam quarantine. In addition every user receives a customisable spam quarantine report by email

Our Roaring Penguin solution, intergrates with Autotask and is compatible with Office 365 and Google Apps

Reassurance that your emails are stored in the UK in our own ISO 27001 approved data centre infrastructure across 7 geographical locations

We are an established independent IT support services company that can provide exceptional, hands on technical support

There is also no better way to see the results, than by giving it a try. We can provide a 30 day free trial to an unlimited number of users to test the new software. You are under no obligation and no charge is made at the end

Key features


Timely and highly secure rule updates eliminating the need for on-going manual tuning and maintenance to catch emerging threats

Comprehensive reporting

Provides administrators with a powerful tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of the anti-spam solutions


Eliminate a broad range of email threats, spam, viruses and phishing


Flexible, reliable anti-spam solutions that complement existing infrastructure with minimal disruption


Ideal for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), SMEs, universities, colleges, ISPS, web hosts, government offices and enterprises

Cost effective

Used in conjunction with CT's own hosted ISO27001 approved cloud solution, ensures there is no need to manage any hardware or software and enables your business to get the ultimate protection from all threats that can come from email

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