Server Replication

Server Replication

Protect your data - advanced, high quality virtualised infrastructures

Server Replication is a set of technologies for copying and distributing servers from one location to another and then synchronising the data to maintain consistency, providing important back-up in the event of a server failure.

By replicating, you can distribute data to different locations and to remote or mobile users over local and wide area networks, dial up connections, wireless connections, and the internet.

Our remote backup solution isn’t completely virtual. Should you suffer a data loss our real, live dedicated support team are here to help. In the event of a full server failure we have engineers on hand, with direct data centre access, if required, to ensure a quick, effective server rebuild.

Business benefits

Improved business continuity & DR

With protection of mission-critical systems and applications

Cost effective

With no need for additional hardware or a second server for replication


To meet your Recovery Time Objectives with High Availability and On Demand options

Server replication

Optimise the advantages of virtualisation by replicating a virtual machine from one virtualisation host to another in real-time


Minimise disaster impact with real-time recovery

Save time

Reduce system outages and downtime for business resiliency

Why CT?

Reassurance that your data is stored in the UK and is ISO 27001 approved

Efficiency - 24/7 management of the data centre

Custom built data centre infrastructure without cost of premises, equipment, security or support systems

Six geographical locations around the UK

Layer 2 connections into all UK major Tier 1 carriers for voice for and data

Resilient network across all locations and between several data centre providers - never relying on one location or one provider

Key features

Real time

Real-time data replication at the byte-level - spreads the impact of data protection over time, rather than during backup windows

Hardware and application agnostic

Used for physical and virtualised servers irrespective of manufacturer and supports applications running under an operating system

Open file mirroring and replication

Open files are replicated without them being off-line and no disruption for end users

Online portal

Access to view replication RPO & backup

Server replication

Service protects Exchange®, SQL Server®, Oracle®, Sharepoint® and many more applications

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