A great disaster recovery plan is never fully appreciated until the organisation encounters a service failure and successful recovery.  So, whilst it might seem unlikely to happen to your business, the stats prove that it is simply a matter of time due to the number of ransomware and malware attacks becoming a quick and easy way to destroy a business.

Disaster recovery System

Does your business have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Do you have a comprehensive strategy in place to cover all the aspects of disaster recovery? Specifically, you need to understand how data is handled and recovered as part of your plan. If you lose your data, you have lost customer, application data and possibly, your reputation.

Could your business cope with downtime?

No business likes downtime. In no way, shape, or form does it do anything positive for your business. However, with a man-made or natural disaster, there will be downtime, and the only way to limit this downtime is with a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan.

The more in-depth the plan, the better your chances of avoiding massive amounts of downtime. With a recovery plan at your side, you can jump back into regular operations quickly, and in the process, lose little to no data. 

Business Benefits of Secure Disaster Recovery

Instant Activation

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Super Secure

Fully ISO 27001 accredited by the British Standards Agency for maximum security and peace of mind

Expert UK Support

Our award winning team can guide you through how to get setup and configured on DR

Onsite Seeding Service

Backup too large to seed? Our team can help using either a couriered encrypted drive or an onsite engineer

UK Datacentres - Tier 3+

Central Technology UK owned data centre infrastructure in Wakefield and Northampton 

Self Manage Online Portal

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) add-on allows you to power up your virtual machines if your infrastructure is unavailable

Why CT for Disaster Recovery?

  • Our DR planning and assessment service evaluates your technical requirements, your processes and procedures, and your risk tolerance
  • Security - CT cloud servers are housed in two UK based, secure, high availability data centres
  • We provide 24/7/365 technical support, so you will always be able to speak to someone who can help you
  • CT supports physical and legacy systems, ensuring that your entire business is safe
  • Failover will happen almost immediately with minimal data loss
  • We test the DR system periodically and you can also test the system yourselves to gain peace of mind

Reduce the Damage with Fail Safe Disaster Recovery

The digital universe is fast and furious. One minute the organisation is running with fluidity, the next, an untimely outage might arise and cause serious downtime for your business.

Disaster recovery has become a top priority for a growing number of organisations. Business owners know that you can never be too diligent in creating a resilient business framework.  Massive volumes of information exist in the digital realm and this needs to be protected, and if infiltrated, restored quickly and efficiently.

Our Secure Disaster Recovery Clients

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