Central Technology gift Netflix to Hospice Patients

Blog post

During the pandemic, so many charities have been affected and struggled to continue to offer patients the best possible experience due to lack of funding.

Ashgate Hospicecare’s utmost priority is to always ensure their patients receive the most compassionate and comfortable end of life care.  Whilst their compassion remains as strong as ever, the blow to the funding this year has meant rooms and equipment still need upgrading. 

We wanted to make sure that patients who are sadly not getting as many visitors as normal have the access to what has kept many of us going during the lockdowns - Netflix!  The hospice’s In-Patient Unit has 21 beds, all patient bedrooms have TVs, however 13 of these TVs are not smart so cannot access Netflix and other streaming sites. 

 Here at CT we wanted to gift two smart TV’s and provide Netflix licences for up to 16 TV’s.  BRM Solicitors, a leading private and commercial law firm, are also kindly donating a smart TV.

 Whilst Ashgate still need 10 more Smart TV’s, we hope this small gesture will provide a wider range of entertainment for the patients and make their stay more comfortable.  

Karen Walker, Ward Manager at Ashgate Hospicecare said “Our patients will love this especially at this time of year where they can watch Christmas movies with their loved ones.”

We would love other businesses in the area to consider gifting a Smart TV to Ashgate to help them upgrade the other 10 rooms. If you would like to help them, feel free to get in touch with Ian Snow ian.snow@ct.co.uk or Charlotte Gratton charlotte.gratton@ashgatehospicecare.org.uk. It could make a huge difference to a patients’ Christmas this year.