Our dedication to serving our employees, partners, and the planet responsibly is very important to us.

Our pillars

By empowering our people, reducing waste, and developing innovative and efficient systems, we support the communities and resources that spur the industries and technologies of the future.

Our pillars of sustainability


Mental Health

Protecting the planet’s vital resources by minimising waste and developing efficient systems that contribute to a worldwide culture of sustainability.



Promoting the health, safety, purpose and financial well-being of our end users, employees, and the communities that provide us with a home.



How we conduct our business. Facilitating effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management to deliver the long-term success of the company.

Promises in practice

Here at Central Technology, we always look at ways we can improve our environmental policies to reduce wastage in the office.


No single use cups

We don’t have small plastic cups next to water containers. Every team member is provided with their own personalised water bottle.


No individual waste bins

We have centralised general waste bins and recycling points in various locations across the office and in kitchens which has shown to dramatically reduce what is thrown away.


Hand Dryers in bathrooms

Rather than paper towels being the only option, hand dryers are available for use to reduce the number of paper towels being thrown away



We encourage team members where possible to share lifts to and from the office, or when out at lunchtime to help save costs for themselves and the environment


Electric charging points

We have three charging points available for use at all time, with more to come as the demand increases.


Going paperless

We are striving to be a paperless office, and we encourage digital ways of working (of course!).

Investing in people

We invest in the future by investing in people.

We engage by investing time and funds into social initiatives, charitable giving, and foundation grants because we are committed to being a supportive member of each of our local communities.

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