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Central to you, Central to your business

Elevate your business with our award-winning IT services, expertly designed to streamline operations and take your business to the next level. Our strategic approach liberates you from technical burdens, enabling you to focus on core operations and embrace opportunities in the digital age.

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We provide a collaborative approach to deliver tailored IT Support, Cloud, Cyber Security, and Telecoms solutions that drive meaningful change in your business.

Proactive IT Management

Offering proactive monitoring and management of IT infrastructure.

Tailored IT Services

Providing IT solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Cyber security expertise

A strong focus on cyber security to protect your data against evolving threats.

Our Core Services

Let's find your central solution

IT Support

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IT Support

Our expertise cover all of your technology needs and deliver business focused IT services.

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Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

Security is embedded in all our key services, constantly ensuring your data is protected.

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Simple, affordable and predictable cloud solutions to drive your business forwards.

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Strong communication is the key to efficiency and growth in your business.

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How can IT services benefit my business?

IT services can enhance your business by optimising technology use, resolving issues promptly, and ensuring a secure digital environment. With our expertise, you can focus on your work while we handle your IT needs efficiently.


What is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT Support refers to outsourcing your IT needs to a specialised company like ours. We proactively monitor, manage, and maintain your IT systems, ensuring they operate efficiently and securely.


Why should my business utilise Cloud backup?

Our Cloud Solutions, powered by Veeam,  provide scalable, flexible, and cost-effective backup and replication solutions to businesses of any size. By ensuring robust data security, regular backups, and high availability,  your business can focus on growth while we take care of the data.


Why is Cybersecurity important for my business?

Cybersecurity protects your business from cyber threats, including data breaches, malware, and phishing attacks. We offer a Cyber Security Review where we identify open vulnerabilities and guide you through the process of rectifying them


What are Communications Solutions and why do I need them?

Communications Solutions encompass communication services like VoIP, business phone systems, and internet connectivity. We ensure seamless communication within and outside your business, improving productivity, customer service, and collaboration.


“CT has been a trusted long term partner for Pacifica Group, by carrying out this review we have built on this and created a clear plan to build an IT system that is designed to meet our demands over the next 5 years. We can be confident that by carrying out this exercise we have pro-actively identified and mitigated potential risks giving us re-assurance in terms of data security and system availability.”

Kevin Brown,
Group Managing Director, Pacifica Group

Pacifica Group

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