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Secure Disaster Recovery as a Service

Restore your critical data and systems in the event of an unexpected outage or disaster through our Cloud based Disaster Recovery solution, powered by Veeam.

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We provide enterprise level DRaaS services to hundreds of customers in the UK who can’t afford for their IT environment to be offline for any significant amount of time. 

You can use our Veeam-powered service to host your off-site repositories, disaster recovery infrastructure and replicas. Our fully integrated DRaaS-enabling technology is purpose-built for VMware and Hyper-V disaster recovery. Instead of building and maintaining a second facility for disaster recovery, simply point your replication jobs to our Datacentres. It’s that easy!

Anywhere management and faster recovery time objectives

Historically, you would have had to transfer all your data to a target location before being able to access and test applications. Furthermore, all these systems would need managing to make it all work.

Our service allows you to spin up your VMs via our Cloud Console. This gives you true ‘anywhere management’ of your DR environment and failover plans, which in turn allows you to drastically improve recover times and gives you a single pane of glass for your DR environment.

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Simple and affordable

Keep downtime to a minimum

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Only pay for the storage you need

We don’t charge for the uploading or downloading of your data, and all resources are included (processing power, RAM, IP addresses, licensing and bandwidth).


30 days failover at no extra cost

In the event of a full DR scenario, you will be able to ‘spin’ your environment up in our data centre/s at no extra cost for 30 days.


Inclusive DR Testing

A dedicated engineer will support your team to run any failover tests, and you’ll get five days of testing per quarter, at no extra cost.


Seeding is completely secure

Our seed servers enable you to transfer a large amount of data, fully encrypted and shipped direct to your business.


24/7 support as standard

You have access to our UK 24×7 support desk so you can be confident you can get to your data when you need it most.


UK based data centres

Our infrastructure and support is UK based, and we can be flexible to help get backup data to you.

Replicating both VMware and Hyper-V environments

We're the number one provider of Veeam DR services in the UK

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Always-on availability of your mission-critical Applications

You can host your off-site repositories, disaster recovery infrastructure and replicas with fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based DR.


You don't need a second site

Instead of building and maintaining a second facility for disaster recovery, simply point your replication jobs to our datacentres. It’s that easy!


Reporting is simple

You can ensure that your business operations remain up and running with our management & reporting console.


Testing your DR plan is easy

Test your disaster recovery plans via the console whenever you want with 20 days a year for testing totally included.


Automate your failover plans

We can help you reduce errors in the failback process while doing either a partial or full failover.


Flexible recovery point objectives

Tailor the Recovery Point Objectives of each VM individually or as a group.


“As an existing Veeam customer, Fletchers approached CT to provide a DR solution that allowed the ability to spin up our core IT systems on an external cloud platform should a disaster affect our site or IT infrastructure.

CT’s DR experts worked closely with Fletchers to truly understand our business needs, identifying our core services and what resources were necessary to replicate in their DRaaS environment.”

Head of Network and Infrastructure, Fletchers Solicitors

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