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Strategic IT Review for Hospices

Our Strategic IT Review helps you identify technology needs for your hospice in the short, medium, and long term, aligning with the hospices strategic objectives and providing an easy to understand technology roadmap.


With our Hospice IT Review, you’ll gain the insight to pinpoint not only your immediate risks but also the medium & long-term IT requirements.

Through our strategic planning consultancy services and board-level reporting approach, we can help ensure a hospice has a clear roadmap to continuously improve the quality of their technology services.

Empowering Hospice success through technology

In our modern and technologically advanced world, a Strategic IT Review is an indispensable tool for care providers who are seeking to thrive in the digital age. This comprehensive evaluation brings forth a host of benefits, including:


  • Help to streamline operations
  • Opportunities to reduce operational costs, downtime and admin duplication
  • Enhanced data protection and compliance
  • Technological advancements
  • Expert knowledge on hospice focused technology

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Book your strategic review for your personalised technology roadmap and report.

  • Identify short, medium and long term IT requirements
  • Infrastructure audit & in-depth analysis of business and technical objectives
  • Findings, recommendations and risk analysis are presented
  • Detailed plan and a schedule of delivery

The review process

We’ve broken down the 5 steps to our Hospice Strategic IT Review below.

Central Team Diagram

Step 1


We invest time to understand your hospice’s current IT infrastructure and vision for the future.

Step 2


We do an infrastructure audit and in-depth analysis of your organisation and technical objectives.

Step 3


We evaluate all of the information we’ve gathered to determine your technology roadmap.

Step 4


We present our findings, recommendations and risk analysis.

Step 5


We propose a detailed plan and prepare a schedule of delivery.

How a review can benefit your Hospice

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    Efficiency Through Technology Modernisation

    An IT review enhances efficiency by streamlining processes and systems, while also modernising outdated technology to optimise productivity and elevate the level of care.

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    Cost Savings

    By pinpointing areas of unnecessary spending and optimizing technology investments, an IT review can result in significant cost savings.

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    Improved Cybersecurity and Compliance

    IT reviews assess and address vulnerabilities, helping to enhance your hospice's cybersecurity measures, protect sensitive data and align to the latest Cyber Essentials and NHS DSP Toolkit requirements.

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    Strategic Alignment

    Through an IT review, your technology strategy can be realigned with your organisation goals, ensuring that IT initiatives support your overall mission and objectives, such as increasing the capacity of care delivery.

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    Risk Mitigation

    IT reviews uncover potential risks and provide strategies for mitigating them, reducing the likelihood of costly disruptions and data breaches, therefor protecting the hospices reputation.

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    IT Tender Guidance

    The Report can give a base level of information to help formulate any upcoming technology tender you may need to produce.

Unlocking IT Transformation

Element Before After
Software versions No Outdated Yes Up to date
Cybersecurity measures No Basic Yes Robust
IT budget allocation No Inefficient Yes Optimised
Downtime No Frequent Yes Minimal
Scalability No Limited Yes Flexible


Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our Strategic IT Review.


What specific challenges can a Strategic IT Review help us address?

It can address challenges such as outdated technology, security vulnerabilities, inefficient processes, compliance issues, and IT resource allocation problems.


How does a Strategic IT Review contribute to cost savings and efficiency?

By identifying areas where technology can be optimised or streamlined, a Strategic IT Review helps reduce unnecessary expenses and increases operational efficiency.


What is the typical timeline for conducting a Strategic IT Review?

The timeline varies based on the complexity and size of your hospice, but it generally ranges from a few weeks to a few months.


How can a Strategic IT Review enhance our cybersecurity and data protection strategies?

It can identify vulnerabilities and recommend measures to strengthen cybersecurity, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and regulatory compliance.


Who should be involved in the process of conducting a Strategic IT Review within our hospice?

Key stakeholders, including IT leadership, executives, department heads, and external consultants if necessary, should be involved to ensure a comprehensive assessment.


“As an independent hospice care charity, business relationships are incredibly valuable in helping our family of services to deliver the most efficient, effective and high quality care and support.

A key element of our organisation’s ambitious three year plans is significant development of the IT infrastructure supporting our range of departments – and, in turn, the care we provide. As part of this brief, we sought a strategic partner who could support us to innovate and overcome challenges in a practical and proportionate way, with solutions and developments based on a robust understanding of our organisation.

Following this process, we began working with CT in June 2022 to take our ambitions forward, and we are grateful for the ways they have helped us make the best use of funds for the communities we serve, including kindly offering a discounted charity rate.”

Emily Dobson, Director (Strategy & development) at North Yorkshire Hospice Care

“We enlisted the services of CT to help us ensure technology provided the foundations we need to support our charitable objectives and long term future goals. The team have worked closely with myself, leadership team and board of trustees to help develop a technology roadmap that met these long term charitable and business objectives.

They continue to deliver high levels of customer service at all times and we are confident that should any problems arise they are addressed swiftly and effectively. We are looking forward to continuing our strong relationship with CT into the future”

Andy Croydon, Head of IT Services at Ashgate Hospice

Ashgate Hospice

“CT have done an excellent job of onboarding us at the Rowans Hospice. The staff were extremely helpful and made the process seamless. We now look forward to building our IT strategy with their guidance and expert knowledge.”

Samantha Jelliff, Finance Director at Rowans Hospice

“We depend upon efficient and reliable IT infrastructure for the continuity of our patient care, and in CT we have found an experienced, dependable and collaborative IT Support partner. CT are affiliated with the Hospice Quality Partnership, of which Weston Hospicecare is an active member, meaning they having been through extensive review and due diligence by the HQP which offers its members  further assurance and peace of mind for the provision of services by affiliated organisations.

We look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with CT.”

Paul Winspear, Chief Executive at Weston Hospicecare

Weston Hospicecare

We want to help your hospice deliver the highest level of care possible.

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