Secure Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365

Comprehensive immutable Veeam backup & replication for your Microsoft 365 suite, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive backup for Business and Teams.

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We're Veeam's Microsoft 365 Partner of the Year for 2023

Awarded for substantial growth, delivering a scalable MS365 platform & our ability to work closely with the Veeam technical team to help solve, innovate & improve the offering.


As a platinum Veeam partner, we provide immutable Veeam backup & replication for your Microsoft Office 365 suite, including purpose-built backup & recovery for Microsoft Teams.

Secure Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 is a fully managed service for your Microsoft Office 365 suite, including Microsoft Teams. We also offer unlimited storage and a tailored retention policy for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Teams.

True ransomware protection

By utilising Cloudian Object storage alongside Veeam, we can provide a totally secure platform for your data. The S3 compatible object lock functionality gives you full ransomware protection.

Object Lock ensures that data, once written, cannot be changed, or deleted until a specified time has passed. This renders the malware ineffective, as the data cannot be modified, and therefore, cannot be encrypted. This ensures data is protected against both internal and external threats.

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Joint ownership of cloud data

The Shared Responsibility Model

Shared Responsibility is the joint ownership of cloud data between users and Cloud vendors. Microsoft asserts your ownership of data and identities, emphasising your responsibility for their security, including safeguarding on-premises resources & specific cloud components managed, varying by service type.

Regardless of deployment type, these responsibilities are always retained by you:


  • Data
  • Account
  • Endpoints
  • Access management

CT Secure Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365

Premium Backup Standard Backup
Retention period Yes Unlimited Yes Unlimited
Self-service interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Immutability Yes Yes No No
Diverse storage locations Yes Yes No No
Number of backup copies Yes 2 No 1

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Cloud backup and replication specialists

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    Veeam's VCSP Partner of the Year 2022

    Awarded to the most successful Veeam software partner for providing our customers with best-in-class support and expertise.

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    Predictable pricing

    Providing a cost-effective backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365, with transparent and predictable pricing.

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    High availability

    We provide a highly available and resilient cloud backup infrastructure, ensuring that backups are always available when needed.

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    Flexible recovery

    Offering flexible recovery options, including granular recovery of individual items, folders, or entire mailboxes, and daily recovery options.

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    Advanced security

    Advanced security features are included, such as data encryption, secure data transfer, and multi-factor authentication.

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    Compliance is key

    We help businesses meet regulatory and GSPR compliance requirements with eDiscovery.

Maximising your Microsoft 365 Licensing

As a Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider, we offer more than just Microsoft licenses – we provide expertise and value-added services to optimise your investment. From Microsoft 365 licenses to software subscriptions, we deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

With centralised license management and expert guidance, we also help you make the most of your licenses while minimising costs.

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Your data is safe with us

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Priced per user

Simplified billing model, allowing addition users to be added throughout contract duration.


Unlimited storage of data

We include all your data into our per user billing model, including Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.


Tailored retention period

We offer tailored retention periods to suit your compliance needs. From 1yr to unlimited retention, just tell us what you need and we can design the service.


No hidden costs

No upfront costs, no setup fees, no bandwidth fees and no storage fees.


Inclusive support, 24/7

You have access to our UK 24×7 support desk so you can get to your data when you need it most.


Fully managed service

We provide the licensing, storage and support as one fully managed service.

With Microsoft 365, it’s your data

Minimise your on-premise footprint and free up IT resources with Microsoft 365 backup

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Daily automatic backups

Daily automatic backups ensure you can can now recover your Microsoft 365 and Teams data, including entire teams, specific channels and settings.


Ransomware protection

Our Cloudian object storage provides a totally secure platform for your data, and WORM ensures that once it’s written, it cannot be changed, or deleted until a specified time has passed.


Work anywhere, anytime

Microsoft 365 enables your organisation to work anywhere, anytime, without the need to host your own email infrastructure.


Protected against malicious attacks

Both internal and external threats can bring your business to a standstill. We ensure your data is protected against malicious attacks as well as corruption with insider protection.


Access your data with eDiscovery

You can ensure your organisation meets legal and compliance requirements with efficient eDiscovery of Microsoft 365 backup items.


Immutable data

Using our dedicated S3 compatible Storage platform we can ensure your data is protected with immutable storage.


“While first and second-level backups were historically deemed sufficient, evolving attack strategies such as the complete destruction of online accessible backups, exposed vulnerabilities.

The recovered VMs from the old RM network revealed critical issues like the absence of anti-virus software, disabled firewalls, and unrestricted administration access via remote desktop.”

Martin Taylor, Direct or IT Services at LEH School


Thinking of backing up your MS365 data? Here’s some commonly asked questions…


What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup is a cost-effective security solution where data is transferred to the cloud and stored there as a reliable and immutable backup repository. By sending backups to a secure cloud repository, this eliminates the need to invest in and maintain off-site storage infrastructure. Our cloud solutions, powered by Veeam, offer built-in security features such as data encryption and secure transfer protocols to ensure that backups are protected while in transit and at rest. Being able to restore backups directly from the cloud repositoryData can be recovered quickly in case of a disaster as you are able to restore backups directly from the cloud repository.

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