Transitioning to CT

Our extensive and detailed on-boarding and Early Life Support is a unique process that CT embeds into all new IT Support contracts.

We are proud the seamless onboarding service we offer to our new customers.

We understand that moving to a new IT Support provider is not something many businesses want to do on a regular basis. However, if your current IT support is not delivering the strategic approach you require, the sooner you onboard a new provider the sooner you’ll get the service you need.

Our extensive and detailed on-boarding and Early Life Support is a unique process that CT embeds into all new IT Support customers to enable a smooth and controlled handover of the service.

Ensure a swift, seamless and simple transition

We have a strong understanding of the common challenges faced as well as how best to ensure a swift, seamless and simple transition for all those involved, and we know that making sure employees and users feel included in the process can make a huge difference.

Switching providers should not be stressful and disruptive. We recommend that you don’t wait until contracts have been signed before finding out what your new IT provider’s on-boarding process is like! Make sure you review it as part of the tendering and selection process, so you know you’ll receive a smooth and professional service launch.

A team you can trust

Begin your strategic review

An effortless and controlled handover

Ensure a smooth transition with Early Life Support

Strategic Review

Oversee the project with close monitoring

Monitoring and measurements done during ELS enables both us and you to check the quality of the service, as well as gain feedback on the performance of the processes and knowledge gathered.


We gain the know-how to understand your intricate infrastructure

Processes and functions in Service Operation (e.g., Service Desk, Incident/Problem/Service Request processes) gain know-how needed to operate the service.


We keep your business in the loop

Right from the beginning, users are instructed on how to properly use the service, the service expectations as well as the high levels of feedback engagement in-place.


We always have your SLA's in mind

The focus will be to resolve incidents raised at the service desk in-line with the defined SLA’s, until the measuring and improving phase has been completed.

A robust and professional onboarding process

Common reasons why companies don't want to change IT providers

Strategic Review

"My current provider has all of my information. Someone new just won’t understand us."

Your IT provider may have access to it, but it’s your data and you don’t have to be held to ransom by a business that isn’t providing you the service you need.


"Changing will be too disruptive to my business"

When managed professionally, changing IT providers doesn’t expose you to any unnecessary risks or business disruptions.


"The downtime of a transition will negatively affect my business"

You can transition to a new IT provider with no gaps in coverage or network protection. A change in providers does not mean downtime.


"How do we know if you have the skillset to take over?"

Most business systems will run on core technologies which will be the same across many businesses. You will need to make sure that your new provider is certified and has experience in these systems.


We can’t move because we’re in contract

If you have agreed Service Levels where issues have to be responded to in a fixed time, then you should receive reports detailing their performance against this. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from a new provider in the months leading up to the renewal date.


“In the first couple of weeks of contracts being agreed, CT introduced us to our AM and time was spent on both sides, understanding roles and responsibilities, business objectives and importantly immediate requirements.   CT recognised that an immediate upgrade to our back-up solution was needed to ensure data was protected, secure and meeting industry recommended best practice policies, which we immediately addressed.”

Amanda Dodd, Best Solicitors IT co-ordinator