Secure Cloud Object Storage

Our solution offers simple, affordable cloud storage at a competitive rate, and we don’t charge for API requests, or the upload or download of your data.

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Our service bills monthly in British Pounds, with no extra fees or currency fluctuations. Pay per TB per month, with inclusive 24×7 support. Using Cloudian Hyperstore, our service is supported worldwide.

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£35 price per tb per month

£240 total cost per month

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Simplicity, affordability and predictability. Three things we can guarantee with our Object Storage solution.

You can seamlessly expand your on-premises storage to the cloud and efficiently secure, manage, and retain your data for the long term with our S3 compatible Object Storage. We can also provide protection against single device failure by splitting your data over multiple storage servers, meaning you’ll always have a copy of your data ready to use.

Pricing that's simple and straightforward

Calculating pricing for object storage providers can be complex, and we aim to simplify this by being transparent with our costings, with no smoke or mirrors. We provide our S3 compatible storage at a fraction of the cost of other public cloud providers such as AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage and IBM Cloud.

If you’ve ever tried to use one of the calculators at any of the above providers, you’ll see that they are far from simple. To just get a cost you’ll need to know how many PUT/COPY/POST/LIST requests you will use, how many GET/SELECT Requests and other requests, as well as how much data you put in and how much data you pull out amongst many other sub charges.

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Object storage vs traditional storage systems

Object storage delivers limitless scale because — unlike the addressing hierarchy used with traditional file storage — object-based storage employs a flat file system that has no built-in limits. It is easier to understand object-based storage when you compare it to more traditional forms of storage – file and block storage.

File storage

  • Stores data in folders, which simulates how paper documents are stored
  • When data needs to be accessed, a computer system must look for it using its path in the folder structure

Block storage

  • Splits a file into separate data blocks, and stores each of these blocks as a separate data unit with its own address
  • The storage system can find data without needing a path to a folder, and allows data to be split into smaller pieces and stored in a distributed manner
  • Whenever a file is accessed, the storage system software assembles the file from the required blocks

Object storage

  • Data blocks that make up a file or “object”, together with its metadata, are all kept together
  • Extra metadata is added to each object, which makes it possible to access data with no hierarchy
  • All objects are placed in a unified address space, and to find an object, users provide a unique ID

Simple, affordable, predictable

Why choose CT for Object Storage?

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You aren't tied to a provider

You will get a predictable, simple & affordable service that is easy to understand and predict without fear of being tied to a provider.  


You're billed in your local currency, GBP

We only bill in British Pounds monthly, so you don’t have to worry about additional fees or currency fluctuations. 


You'll only pay for the data you use

We only charge for the data you use on a per TB per month basis, and there are no upload fees, download fees or API request charges. 


Our Object Storage platform is supported by hundreds of technology companies

Our Storage platform is built using Cloudian Hyperstore Object storage, and is supported by hundreds of technology companies around the world such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard Enteprise, VMware, Veeam, Commvault, Rubrik, Veritas and many more.

Transparent pricing

How Object Storage can benefit your business

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Storage as a Service compatability

Storage for applications that use the S3 API. Also, for dev ops projects that require S3 compatible storage.


Free-up costly NAS capacity with NAS offload

Free-up costly NAS capacity by tiering less-frequently used data using utilities from NetApp, Isilon, and Komprise. 


Affordable capacity and uncompromising data durability

Affordable capacity and uncompromising data durability create an ideal target for data protection applications such as Rubrik, Veeam, Commvault and Veritas. 


Manage creative assets using media management solutions

Manage creative assets using media management solutions from vendors such as Adobe and Evertz. 


“We are extremely pleased with the migration to cloud backup and are confident that our data is safe and protected, right here, in the UK.  CT provided us with a true offsite back-up which fits perfectly within our existing Veeam infrastructure. The company’s ISO27001 accreditation and knowledge of the product has provided us with the reassurance that we can continue to service our customers without any downtime and keep their data secure.”

Head of IT, Relate, Doncaster, South Yorkshire