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Secure Private Cloud Hosting

We provide an enterprise-class hosted virtualisation service that delivers the perfect hosting environment for your applications.


Our private cloud hosting is integrated with our connectivity solutions, giving you a truly bespoke end to end solution.

This allows you to gain all the benefits of using the cloud, while deploying it in a way that is tailored to your business needs. We also include a comprehensive back up that meets the 3-2-1 rule as standard with all of our hosted servers, something a public cloud service does not offer.

Why choose us for Private Cloud Hosting

  • We have 4 separate UK data centre locations
  • All of our private cloud platforms are clustered
  • We can replicate VMs between private cloud platforms for extra resiliency
  • We operate our own internet address space, and are members of the London Internet Exchange. We also use multiple IP Transit providers for resiliency
  • The backups of all VMs to the 3-2-1-1 rule (including a weekly tape archive) is included as standard
  • We can provide rental licensing through our service provider agreements with Microsoft, VMware and Citrix

A solution you can rely on

  • Easy migration of existing VMs – Migrating existing VMware VMs to our platform is simple. Or move any VMs we already host to your own platform or another VMware hosting provider.
  • Instant upgrades to live VMs – Our self-service portal lets you adjust the resources assigned to any VM in real time, including VMs that are live.
  • Options galore – There are many options for adding firewalls, OS licences, and enterprise-grade data backup.
  • Unlimited unmanaged VMs – You can have as many unmanaged VMs as you like, subject to not using more resources than you bought.
  • Unlimited data transfers – There’s no charge for your data transfers in or out of our network.
  • Even better for CT customers – VMs can be added to your existing CT WAN to ensure they are kept on your private IP address space, and your WAN users are unaware that the servers they’re using are hosted externally.

The perfect hosting environment for your applications

The benefits of Private Cloud Hosting


VMware Enterprise Solution Provider

We’re an accredited Enterprise Solution Provider of VMware services, the most popular and trusted virtualisation system on the market.


Control Hosting Costs

Keep costs low by purchasing a number of resources allocated to your VMs. We also offer pay as you go options.


Boost Uptime

Through multiple data centres we can provide instant access to multiple server hosts, including automatic failover and live VM migration.


Super Secure

Security is at the heart of everything we do. We implement firewall rules, VPNs and private circuits, restricting access to your VMs.


Award Winning 24x7 Support

Our fully accredited UK engineers are available 24×7 for virtualisation support queries.


Exceptional Uptime

We have an exceptional record of uptime – all our private cloud platforms are clustered with standby hosts ready to take over.