CT Voice - More secure than a traditional phone system

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Why choosing a cloud telephony solution gives you and your business more security than a traditional phone system

Demand for cloud telephony services such as IVR, virtual number and call data analytics has increased more than ever before. There are many advantages to choosing a cloud-based telephone system in your business, three key benefits being; it offers reduced costs, easier scalability and enhanced security.

Yet despite the rapid evolution and benefits that cloud telephony offers businesses, there are still many that are anxious about making the switch. This reluctance largely centres around concerns about data security.  Some believe that sticking to traditional data servers minimises the risk of data breaches. But this is not the case.  Hosted PBX systems are inherently more secure than a traditional PBX using a SIP trunk because the system does not have to be opened up to use SIP ports - which are commonly attacked by hackers. 

With CT’s cloud telephone systems, security is handled by us and fraud protection is given. You simply pay a monthly service fee to host the equipment for you. This means we take care of the maintenance, and security responsibilities are in the hand of our highly qualified, dedicated professionals who specialise in areas that you or your IT department might not have.

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