Future-proofing and embracing technology in the charity sector

We have a wealth of expertise and experience implementing IT services for charities and helping organisations to overcome their challenges.

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Charities face a number of IT challenges, such as protecting the data of those who are vulnerable as well as donor’s financial information.

Many also need to find ways to make gains operationally, decrease costs, aid collaboration, increase awareness and engage with a wider audience in new ways.

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Quality Assurance

We’re accredited to the highest standard with both ISO9001 and ISO27001.



We understand the needs and challenges of the charity sector, and our approach ensures that technology can improve operations across the board.



We have 20 years of experience and meet all compliance accreditations to provide all the reassurance required.

Security, reliability and accessibility

Our expert team have decades of experience in supporting charities with their IT services. We work together to understand the requirements going forward that will underpin the objectives and goals and ensure a plan is in place to allow security, reliability, accessibility and growth.

At all times we ensure the charity makes the most of their IT investments.

Working in partnership with you

Challenges in the Charity sector

Strategic review

Data Protection

Charities will be responsible for not only their employee’s sensitive data, but also the data of vulnerable clients. Donors need to be reassured that the charities they support are managing risk effectively.


IT Budget Constraints for Charities

Keeping costs low but improving efficiencies is a challenge for any organisation. Aligning IT to your business goals is crucial for making the most of your IT investment.


Cyber Security Education for Staff

A lack of employee awareness of cyber security can create barriers and also increase risk, particularly with cyber-attacks rising in frequency and ingenuity.


CT provided us with a true onsite backup solution which fits perfectly within our existing infrastructure. We are extremely pleased with the migration to cloud backup and are confident that our data and customer’s data is safe and protected, right here, in the UK.

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