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Secure Cloud Backup for Education

Safeguarding the sensitive data of academic institutions - including colleges, schools, universities, and academy trusts - through the use of Veeam's immutable Cloud backup technology.

Discounted education pricing

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As education backup specialists, we offer discounted Veeam Cloud backup to schools and colleges throughout the UK.

We understand the risk posed by ransomware, and to provide greater peace of mind, provide an immutable backup solution that protects against data corruption, malware, and accidental or malicious deletion, ensuring an untainted copy of your data.

Regulatory compliant backup

Ensuring that a school has a backup of their data is an essential requirement for multiple reasons. It’s now mandatory for schools to have an immutable or offline copy of their data, as stipulated by the Department for Education (DfE).

This precautionary measure is crucial in safeguarding against a range of potential threats, including:


  • Ransomware attacks
  • Internal and external security threats
  • Natural disasters
  • Technical malfunction

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Maximising funds with budget-friendly cloud backup

CT's Cloud Backup Other providers
Access to the Veeam Yes Yes Yes Yes
Per TB billing model Yes Yes Yes Yes
DFE compliant storage Yes Yes No No
Immutable cloud storage Yes Yes No No
Free backup & replication licensing Yes Yes No No
Free Veeam Cloud Connect licensing Yes Yes No No
Lower/competitive pricing Yes Yes No No
Veeam's VCSP Partner of the Year 2022 Yes Yes No No

5 TB 30-day free trial

Instant activation

  • No credit card required
  • No charge, no risk, no hassle for 30 days
  • Guided set-up and 24Ă—7 support
  • Console overview

Cloud backup and replication specialists

We include Veeam Backup & Replication Standard licensing free of charge for all schools, colleges & universities that are backing up their data to our cloud environment. 

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    Veeam's VCSP Partner of the Year 2022

    Awarded to the most successful Veeam cloud partner for providing customers with best-in-class support and Veeam backup expertise.

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    Robust Security

    Robust Security Veeam Cloud Connect Backup uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure all data in transit and at rest. Additionally, all communications are done over a secure SSL/TLS connection.

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    Immutable Backups

    Protect your business with our ransomware proof immutability feature. Your backups cannot be edited, moved or deleted within a set retention period, giving you unrivalled protection.

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    Flexible Recovery

    Veeam Cloud Connect Backup allows for granular recovery of individual files, folders, or entire virtual machines, as well as the option to restore to the original or new location, or the cloud.

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    Easily Scalable

    Veeam Cloud Connect Backup is designed to grow with your business. It can easily handle backups of any size, and you can add or remove capacity as needed.

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    Veeam Cloud Connect Backup offers a cost-effective way to store hosted backups offsite, without the need for expensive hardware or additional IT staff.

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