Proud to provide technology advice and solutions to hospices across the UK

Working in partnership with hospices to provide solutions that drive efficiencies and ultimately improve patient care.

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We're proud of our Accreditations

With over 20 years’ experience, from our central hub, we can support any hospice nationwide.

A preferred partner of the HQP (Hospice Procurement Group), we understand the challenges hospices face every day across different departments and work closely with every team to provide solutions through friendly and easy to understand technology advice and support.


Quality Assurance

We’re proud of our Accreditations Assurance that we reach NHS security standards with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.



We understand the needs and challenges of all departments within a hospice, and our approach ensures that technology can improve operations across the board



We have 20 years of experience and meet all compliance accreditations to provide all the reassurance required.



We have a dedicated Service Desk Team committed to supporting hospices, we pride ourselves on investing time and effort into understanding the different challenges hospices face.

What we’ve accomplished

We pride ourselves on our excellent levels of service and support

Our case studies

+ 8

Number of hospices supported

+ 4.9 *

Average customer satisfaction score for Q3

+ 73 %

Percentage of tickets resolved on the same day they were logged

+ 2.8 k

The number of calls and emails from our hospice customers

What makes us stand out?

Our bespoke hospice package

Through our strategic planning services and board level reporting support, our exclusive and discounted hospice package can help ensure a hospice has a clear roadmap to continuously improve the quality of their IT services.

We're a member of HQP

HQP (Hospice Quality Partnership) are experts in procurement in the care sector. Founded by hospices, they work on behalf of partners to provide the best value for money products and services that deliver great benefits.

Strategic consultancy

We have a strategic approach to onboarding, and understand the common challenges as well as how best to ensure a swift, seamless and simple transition.

We're proud of our accreditations

We’ve obtained the ISO 27001 and ISO9001 accreditations and reach NHS security standards with the Data Security and Protection toolkit.

Our dedicated team provides nationwide hospice support

We can provide effective, largely remote support with our dedicated Hospice Service Desk Team which takes into account all user skill levels, without the need for an engineer to be present.

Our Response Times

A new hospice reported issues were reduced by 23% after year one of being a customer, from 2300 to 1700 per year, which reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Hospice specialists

Working in partnership with hospices

Strategic review

Access clinical systems on the go with SystmOne

We can provide a solution in SystmOne that gives secure access into clinical systems from wherever your staff may operate.


Utilising monitoring systems can improve daily operations

We can implement simple monitoring systems that can be rolled out in your retail shops to keep track of stock levels.


We can help you achieve your important certifications

We understand that hospices have to be compliant in security for CQC governance, and we can help ensure these are achieved.


We can predict/forecast your IT budget

Providing a roadmap for immediate investment required and a plan for technology improvement over the course of five years to drive efficiencies


Provide critical disaster recovery and data security

We can ensure business continuity and protection against ever evolving cyber threats such as the wannacry attack back in 2017

Improving operations

How we can help

Strategic review

Nurses can work from any location

Going paperless means they can access clinical systems and input important data directly from the patient’s home, which saves time and money and enables more service users to be seen.


More money can be invested back into patient care

By implementing more efficient ways of working and reducing costs where needed, we can ensure that more pence per pound raised is available to go back into the patient care.


Avoid downtime with resilient infrastructure

Ensuring that the infrastructure within your shops is secure and resilient will help avoid downtime, which will ultimately enable the shops to run more efficiently.


Important data is protected

We can ensure patient and clinical data is secure and protected as part of our Managed IT Service, and we can also perform a cyber security review to identify any areas that could potentially be at risk.


We can provide support from anywhere in the UK

We can provide effective, friendly and largely remote support with our dedicated Hospice Service Desk Team which takes into account all levels of IT knowledge, without the need for an engineer to be onsite.

The work we do is really important to us here at CT

“Having spent 3 years as a Trustee at a local hospice I have seen first-hand the fantastic work that hospices do and the comfort they provide to families at the most difficult of times.

We are committed to helping hospices and charities drive efficiency through technology and ultimately create more resource to provide clinical care that is so important.”

Ian Snow

Supporting many different charitable, health and well-being organisations

Tips for writing a tender

Important considerations for hospices when writing an IT tender


Look for a partner not a provider

Any experienced IT provider should want to understand your Hospice’s strategy and principles of sustainability. They also need to understand your values, vision, risks, objectives, short – long term goals, financial objectives and governance.


Removing the risk of unforeseen costs

Tenderers can analyse your systems upfront and give an indication as to what they will be looking to do to address any issues along with any project costs.


Hospices are not the NHS

Include the most recent strategy document or yearly report you’ve published so the IT provider gets an initial understanding of where the hospice is from a strategic perspective.


Don’t be overly prescriptive

Every IT company will have a different way of doing things. Don’t make the tender too specific in terms of what you want, as it’s more about what you want to achieve. Leave it quite open to see how the IT provider approaches the tender with their own idea’s.


Define the core requirements

Set the minimum requirements/expectations as “must haves”. This will allow you to quickly identify providers who cannot deliver what you want, and remove any none-starters as soon as possible.


Where does technology fit?

Clearly state where you believe you can utilise technology and implement digital ways of working to help improve the service you deliver to your patients and service users.


Understand all points of view

Speak to your key stakeholders to establish a more rounded picture. Hospices have many moving parts, including clinical, retail, fundraising, marketing, finance etc. It’s important to get the view of whats going on across the hospice.


Consider compliance and credentials

For trustees and senior management teams, credentials and accreditations are key to providing the right level of data security and IT support to a hospice.


Carefully consider the transition process

Switching providers can be a little daunting as it’s a major decision to take. Request a demonstration of the IT provider’s onboarding process to be sure that the transition process is as bullet proof as possible.


“As an independent hospice care charity, business relationships are incredibly valuable in helping our family of services to deliver the most efficient, effective and high quality care and support.

A key element of our organisation’s ambitious three year plans is significant development of the IT infrastructure supporting our range of departments – and, in turn, the care we provide. As part of this brief, we sought a strategic partner who could support us to innovate and overcome challenges in a practical and proportionate way, with solutions and developments based on a robust understanding of our organisation.

Following this process, we began working with CT in June 2022 to take our ambitions forward, and we are grateful for the ways they have helped us make the best use of funds for the communities we serve, including kindly offering a discounted charity rate.”

Emily Dobson,
Director (Strategy and Development) at North Yorkshire Hospicecare

“We enlisted the services of CT to help us ensure technology provided the foundations we need to support our charitable objectives and long term future goals. The team have worked closely with myself, leadership team and board of trustees to help develop a technology roadmap that met these long term charitable and business objectives. They continue to deliver high levels of customer service at all times and we are confident that should any problems arise they are addressed swiftly and effectively. We are looking forward to continuing our strong relationship with CT into the future”

Andy Croydon,
Head of IT Services at Ashgate Hospice

Ashgate Hospice

“We depend upon efficient and reliable IT infrastructure for the continuity of our patient care, and in CT we have found an experienced, dependable and collaborative IT Support partner. CT are affiliated with the Hospice Quality Partnership, of which Weston Hospicecare is an active member, meaning they having been through extensive review and due diligence by the HQP which offers its members  further assurance and peace of mind for the provision of services by affiliated organisations.

We look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with CT.”

Paul Winspear,
Weston Hospicecare Chief Executive

Weston Hospicecare

“CT have done an excellent job of onboarding us at the Rowans Hospice. The staff were extremely helpful and made the process seamless. We now look forward to building our IT strategy with their guidance and expert knowledge.”

Samantha Jelliff,
Finance Director at Rowans Hospice

Ashgate Hospice

Proudly Supporting Ashgate Hospice

This year we’ve been proudly supporting Ashgate Hospice with their drive to purchase 10 new syringe drivers. Dr Sarah Parnacott, Ashgate Hospice Palliative Care Consultant spoke about the importance of syringe drivers.

“Having ready access to the syringe drivers can make an immediate difference to the symptom management or end of life care to our patients. A syringe driver also frees up time for our nurses to spend time that would otherwise been spent drawing up medication enabling them to provide additional emotional and physical support to our patients and their relatives.”

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