There are many benefits to using a big public cloud service, such as being able to bring new applications to market very quickly - but they are not right for every organisation. Sometimes the public cloud can be too expensive particularly if you have an existing VM workload you are looking to simply move to a cloud based service. Public cloud services may not be able to provide your organisation with the bespoke or complete solution you need as they are limited by constraints of the selection of services they offer.

Key Features of Private Cloud Hosting

Easy migration of existing VMs

Migrating existing VMware VMs to our platform is simple. Or move any VMs we already host to your own platform or another VMware hosting provier. 

Instant upgrades to live VMs

Our self-service portal lets you adjust the resources assigned to any VM in real-time, including VMs that are live.

Options galore

There's many options for adding firewalls, OS licences, and enterprise-grade data backup.

Unlimited unmanaged VMs

You can have as many unmanaged VMs as you like, subject to not using more resources than you bought.  

Unlimited data transfers

There's no charge for your data transfers in or out of our network.

Even better for CT customers

VMs can be added to your existing CT WAN to ensure they are kept on your private IP address space, and your WAN users are unaware that the servers they're using are hosted externally. 

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