Creating a more efficient and protected IT Platform for our customers

Creating a more efficient and protected IT Platform for our customers, a note from our Technical Director, Chris Barr.

Here at CT we are always looking at ways for organisations to safeguard mission critical assets from downtime.  Currently we are focusing on cyber security and cloud service solutions, and how, by combining these, we can provide a more secure and efficient IT platform for customers.  As cybercrime increases and the threats become more complex, our solutions will naturally have to evolve to combat these. Typically, the threats are now becoming more focused at the user as the security features built into products become stronger.

Cloud services naturally offer many advantages especially in terms of operating efficiencies for companies, by allowing easy access to data from any location or device with connectivity and facilitating better collaboration between staff.  Our strategy - to guide customers on how to ensure these cloud-based systems are secure and how the security features offered with cloud services allow the organisation to increase the level of protection compared to their traditional on-premises solution. 

Selecting the most appropriate technology is essential; our methodology of interacting with our customers, is to establish a partnership whereby we understand their business plans and their internal systems enabling us to create a detailed IT strategy for the customer.  CT has a vast number of well proven solutions including security, backup, cloud, connectivity, voice, and hardware allowing us to provide end to end IT solutions suited specifically to the customer.

So how do we safeguard our customers from cybersecurity threats?

As you can imagine, security is central to all our solutions, the two key aspects to customer protection are:  1. Technical Solutions & 2. Good Working Practices.

CT deploy monitoring tools on all customer endpoints and servers to continually report back key information.  Our monitoring systems will review devices for security patches not applied, anti-virus systems not working and check appropriate password policies are enforced.

Our regular customer reports check for openings on firewalls and externally facing services that are not patched for known vulnerabilities. Detecting weaknesses early on a system is essential to pre-empt security breaches.

CT’s internal developers have used our remote management tool to deploy custom security tools out to customers, for example we developed a tool to detect Cryptolocker infections and automatically block affected devices preventing entire data structures from being destroyed.

The framework against which our customer IT systems are reviewed is continually updated in line with emerging threats, experience in the field and new product developments. The regular strategic customer reviews will compare existing environments against the latest standard so we can integrate the latest security protection into the customers IT strategy which in some cases this may just be a change of working practices.  With the current market focus on IT security and data, CT’s unique security incident management process clarifies how we manage, both internally and externally, any security breach or alert within an organisation.  This ensures customers have a clear understanding on the importance of how such events are operationally managed.


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