Common IT Challenges Across The Legal Sector

Blog post

Whilst every organisation is unique, there are common IT challenges that different industries face.  Over the next few months we will be looking in more detail at the challenges faced by the legal, manufacturing and charity sectors and how IT can address the needs of those organisations.

After working with many legal firms over the last decade we understand the unique IT challenges this sector face.  Historically many legal firms have built up software, one piece at a time, or inherited through acquisition, creating a tangle of ageing applications and programs that are slow, unreliable and not secure.  

Critically also for legal business, there are growing number of regulations relating to the protection of private and sensitive data which is becoming stricter day by day with penalties for both the legal firms and their customers now having huge financial and reputation implications.

Another major challenge for legal organisations is staying protected against cyber-attacks.  95% of these breaches are unfortunately a result of human error and where staff are under pressure to meet deadlines, costly mistakes can happen.  Changes of behaviour and educating staff on safe ways of working are more important than ever before.

By taking a step back, looking at the current IT landscape and the requirements to underpin business objectives and goals, will ensure a plan is in place to address all the challenges in sector and provide the stability and business continuity legal firms need.

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