IT Support for Hospices and Charities: Why choose CT?

Blog post

Over the last few years, we have been providing IT Support to Ashgate Hospice, a HQP Hospice Partner. We recently hosted a webinar in partnership with Ashgate where Matt Corbishley, Director of People and Performance, explained how CT’s support helped combat their commons IT issues. Matt explained why CT was a good fit for Ashgate and highlights the importance of why efficient IT support is essential for modern-day hospices and charities.    

There are three IT challenges that have been highlighted during our work within the hospice and charity sector - budget constraints, data protection and agile working for staff.  

Budget constraints can be challenging for any organisation, and ensuring your technology roadmap aligns to your charitable goals & business objectives is crucial for making the most of your IT investment. For Ashgate, on a cost for business case, Matt states “we couldn’t come close to the kind of costs that we’re spending with an outsourced MSP, and there is an element of recognising that we’re consciously incompetent. I know there’s a lot we don’t know, and having that external support from CT is invaluable”.   

Hospices are responsible for sensitive employee data and also the data of vulnerable patients. At CT, data security is at the heart of what we do, and all parties can be assured that data risks are managed effectively. We are proud to be accredited with ISO27001 which is a certification standard that is recognised worldwide as an indication that your Information Security Management System (ISMS) is aligned with information security best practices. For Ashgate, Matt stated “CT were the only provider to have that – that’s beyond digital security… that’s gold standard really!”. 

With the rise in agile working from the effects of COVID-19, Ashgate found it was especially important to implement smart-working practices. Matt stated “we wanted a strategy that enabled that remoting working for our teams.” The CT DevOps team were able to support Ashgate by rapidly scaling SystmOne remotely by building a VDI on our datacentre. “The hybrid support that’s emerged in certain years between the developer and operations role is extremely beneficial. Now the full team of clinicians can access SystmOne remotely and don’t have to come back to base which saves time and money, and staff can see more patients”. 

Our highly skilled team has experience supporting hospices by providing a strategic IT roadmap to support their charitable objectives. Our technology advice and solutions align with hospice business goals to ultimately improve patient care. If you are interested in hearing more about the support and advice we offer please contact us today