CT Secure Cloud Backup now with Immutable Storage

Blog post

Ransomware and malicious acts are becoming more common in IT across the world, and the last line of defence are your backups. We are the first Veeam Cloud Services Provider to provide Immutable Veeam Cloud Connect storage as standard with our CT Secure Cloud Backup Service.

What is Immutable Cloud Storage? 

Immutability, by definition, is a solution that prevents data from deletion or modification.

Immutable cloud backup storage gives you cast-iron protection against any data corruption, malware, malicious or accidental data deletion.  If any of these strike your primary data, you are safe in the knowledge you are protected. Data is critical to all businesses, therefore being able to obtain an untouched version of source data that can be recovered from any failure is a hugely beneficial.

In Veeam Backup and Replication V10, Immutability was introduced to store your Veeam backups in AWS and S3 Compatible Object storage using the Object Lock API. This meant you could copy your data into a compliant repository offsite and apply the Immutability feature so the data could not be deleted or changed, therefore protected from malicious activity.

Veeam Backup and Replication V11 allows the initial backup to be secured with Immutability through our Hardened Linux Repositories. As Veeam writes files to the hardened Repository the backup files are tagged with an immutable date flag, the Repository then prevents any changes to these files until the “immutable until” date has passed. This is a flexible way to store your data in the cloud whilst giving you the confidence that it is protected against the largest threat to companies’ data, Ransomware.

If you would like to hear more about Immutability and how it could benefit your business, contact our Cloud team today.