IT Challenges in Manufacturing

Evolving Technology

Technology evolves quickly. It is important that your organisation has the right technology to ensure that your business is competitive and ready future growth.

Outdated Security Systems

As technology evolves so do the efforts of cyber criminals. Many manufacturers are relying on outdated security systems incapable of addressing the number and complexity of threats today, leaving them vulnerable to costly breaches.

Labour Shortages

Labour shortage has fuelled the need for automation, robotics, 3D printing and smart machines in many manufacturing organisations to improve plant productivity.

We work with many manufacturing organisations to review their IT infrastructure and provide them with a deep understanding of their current IT landscape. We work together to understand the requirements going forward that will help improve plant productivity and ensure that their organisation has the fastest and most agile solutions in place to ensure they are competitive and ready for future growth. 

If you have an IT challenge to overcome, CT is always available to discuss, clarify and share ideas.  CT work extremely well with our third party providers which is of vital importance for any complex IT infrastrcuture.  This coupled with their easy approachable manner allows aseamless partnership.

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CT has helped many manufacturers overcome their IT challenges

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