IT Challenges in Hospices

Budget Constraints for IT

Efficiency can be challenging for any organisation however, aligning IT to your charitable goals & business objectives is crucial for making the most of your IT investment.

Patient Data Protection

Hospices are responsible for sensitive employee data and also the data of vulnerable patients. All parties need to be reassured that data risks are managed effectively.

Cyber Security Education for Hospice Staff

Cyber-attacks are becoming more common, by increasing employee awareness of cyber security you can decrease the risks to your business.

Our highly skilled team has experience supporting hospices by providing a strategic IT roadmap to support their charitable objectives. Our technology advice and solutions align with hospice business goals to ultimately improve patient care.

Driving Efficiencies & Improving Security in Charities & Hospices - A Webinar by Central Technology

“We enlisted the services of CT to help us ensure technology provided the foundations we need to support our charitable objectives and long term future goals. The team have worked closely with myself, leadership team and board of trustees to help develop a technology roadmap that met these long term charitable and business objectives. They continue to deliver high levels of customer service at all times and we are confident that should any problems arise they are addressed swiftly and effectively."

Andy Croydon, Head of IT Services | Ashgate Hospice

We are highly experienced within the hospice sector

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