IT Challenges in Professional Service Providers

Drive Workforce Productivity

Many professional service providers have built up software, one piece at a time, or inherited through acquisition, creating a tangle of ageing applications and programs that are slow, unreliable and not secure.


Professional service providers work with high profile, industry leading clients. It is vitally important to future proof their IT platforms to provide an additional competitive edge and to assure their clients' sensitive data and projects are safe and secure.

Educate Staff on Cyber Security

Internal changes of behaviour and ways of working are needed to address many of the cyber security breaches, and with 95% of breaches happening as a result of human error especially where staff are under pressure to meet deadlines, education is key to building a culture of security.

We work with many professional service organisations in partnership to review their IT infrastructure and provide them with a deep understanding of their current IT landscape. We work together to understand the requirements going forward that will underpin business objectives and goals, and ensure a plan is in place to allow security, reliability, accessibility and growth. 

By carrying out this review we have created a clear plan to build an IT system that is designed to meet our demands over the next 5 years. CT now provide us support for complex IT projects and ad hoc holiday cover when required. We are confident that by carrying out this exercise together we have proactively identified any potential risks and have complete reassurance of system availability and data security.

Jim Hawker, Co-Founder, Threepipe

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