With business now in full swing in 2019, many mid-market organisations will be looking at the effectiveness of their business applications and the resilience and security of their IT infrastructure.  

Strategic IT report


Most reviews of an IT environment are initiated in response to some sort of compelling event, such as a systems outage, a data breach, concerns over personnel, or issues with an incumbent supplier. However, others will simply want to ensure their IT Infrastructure has the right foundations to facilitate future growth and ensure there is a robust cybersecurity resilience strategy.

Key Benefits

Support Business Plans

Ensure IT systems will support your business plans for the coming years

Hidden Risks

Understand any hidden risks within your organisations infrastructure

Budget Planning

Generate a clear strategic plan for IT along with budget planning

Why Does my Organisation need a Strategic Review?

The ultimate aim is to provide the opportunity to review the needs of the business, both immediately and in the medium to long-term.  This ensures that IT decisions are being made on a significantly more strategic basis, and that these decisions are thought about in relation to the growth aspirations and goals of the organisation.

Findings, Risk Analysis and Recommendations

The scope of a review should cover three key areas: Findings, Risk Analysis and Recommendations.

Findings should provide an in-depth analysis of the infrastructure, including local and wide-area networks, server infrastructure, back-up and business continuity arrangements. This all-encompassing research exercise will also cover existing strategy, policies, support arrangements for users and establishing their views of the current set-up and future requirements. 

Risk analysis involves an easy-to-understand benchmarking of each area of the scope of your review, which is often rated using a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) colour code, showing the comparison of your IT with the company’s peer group– namely companies of a similar size in a similar sector to the organisation. 

Ideally, such a RAG should show where you currently sit on each area assessed, and show where you will be after an agreed period – the clear intention being that the colour code improves markedly over this period. 

Each recommendation should be justified as to why it is being recommended, and will normally be broken down by section of the scope of the review – i.e. separate recommendations for server infrastructure, IT support arrangements. 

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