A Strategic Review will outline the prioritisation of short, medium and long term IT requirements.  It provides direction and focus to allow business owners to work to an agreed technology roadmap with specific, measurable targets enabling their business to acheive its goals.

Strategic IT Review

Strategic Approach to IT

As technology is constantly evolving, many business owners consider IT management to be costly and time consuming.  To ensure that investment in IT is maximised, a tailored, strategic plan must be put in place.  When carrying out our IT review, CT will identify where you are, where you are going and what IT strategy is needed to achieve your business objectives.  We will enquire, analyse and make suggestions to help improve efficiency and solve your problems now and for the future.

Why your organisation should consider a strategic review

Support Business Plans

Ensure IT systems will support your current and future business plans

Uncover Hidden Risks

Understand any hidden risks within your organisations infrastructure

Budget Planning

Generate a clear strategic plan for IT along with budget planning


Prioritise short, medium and long term IT requirements

Maximise Investment

Ensure your business gets the most from your IT investment

5 Steps to our Strategic Review

The experience of working with CT must be seamless, easy and effective.  We have broken down the 5 steps to our Strategic IT Review below:

1.  Invest time to understand your organisations current IT infrastructure and company vision

2.  Infrastructure auditing and in depth analysis of business and technical objectives

3.  Experts evaluation of all information gathered to determine your technology roadmap

4.  Presentation of findings, risk analysis and recommendations

5.  Detailed plan devised and proposed schedule of delivery prepared

"Pacifica Group Primed for Further Growth After CT’s Strategic Review”

"CT has been a trusted long term partner for Pacifica Group, by carrying out this review we have built on this and created a clear plan to build an IT system that is designed to meet our demands over the next 5 years.

We can be confident that by carrying out this exercise we have pro-actively identified and mitigated potential risks giving us re-assurance in terms of data security and system availability."

Kevin Brown, 
Group Managing Director, Pacifica Group

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